Saturday, January 8, 2011

Patchwork Sky

Taken December 26, 2010.

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  1. The cold is headed our way.
    Maybe some snow and rain. Hope school isn't messed up. A short week with Friday workday and it's the end of the semester.

    Hubby is off with the guys for the weekend at Cherokee. Daughter leaves this morning for Austin and a girls weekend.
    I will enjoy some QUIET. Bro and I can find seperate ends of the house.

    Week at work went well. Four expelled in one day. Our highest number at a single bound. Pour choices abound.

    Look forward to reading, writing, dozing.

    A Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. I *was* asleep, enjoying a lovely lie in all snuggled up warm & cozy with the kitty...then the phone rang.

    Le sigh.

    Spending a quiet weekend like Lisa. Still catching up on Fringe episodes, then Caprica (sobs!)* and SouthLAnd (yay!).

    Happy weekend!

    * Caprica got cancelled so this is the final set of episodes. :(

  3. Great color on those clouds, Andi -- captured that way or tinkered?

    Thanks for the additional horror story rec, Janet, I'll put it on my list. I love a clever story in any genre.

    Speaking of clever stories, I also have the final ditch of Caprica on my DVR but haven't started watching them yet because I am afraid of what Ron Moore has done to the characters! I was disappointed with the final half-season-ish of Battlestar Galactica, and thought the series finale was basically a crash-n-burn. The guy writes incredibly compelling beginnings but his endings need...something else. I'll probably do a marathon some lazy afternoon and watch it all between my fingers. :)

    Maria, fwiw, last I heard, SyFy gave the greenlight to a series about the first cylon wars to air later this year/maybe next year.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  4. Heehee, they're predicting 4-6 inches of snow here in Sector 706 for Sunday night/Monday morning. The freakout has begin: schools are pre-emptively canceling classes, the media is having their usual hypefest, etc. They said all eight of Atlanta's salt trucks are loaded and ready — yeah, all eight. For a major metro area. D00dz, you are ska-rewwwed. I've got my work computer here, just in case.

    My replacement Kindle came in with a defective battery, so here we go again. I've got the original boxed up and ready to rumble, but I somehow doubt the UPS truck will get here Monday (see above). But that's not marring my good spirits today… Mason slept all night!!! and so did we!!!

    Jen, I think endings can be the most difficult thing to get right sometimes. Hope it works anyway.

  5. Happy reading, writing, and dozing, Lisa.

    Sorry about Caprica, Maria. I didn't watch that because I didn't watch BSG and I didn't watch BSG because when it started I was still royally pissed at them for canceling Farscape.

    The color is the way it looked. I did do a little tinkering with the curves to bring up the light a bit -- which actually made it look more like it did IRL.

    Happy all night's sleep, Farf. Not so happy Kindle problems. And I guess I'll wait for your report on the snow before I offer any sentiments on it.