Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Open Season

Taken December 27, 2010.

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  1. What a beautiful scene. Thanks for a moment of tranquility, Andi.

    Beth--Holy Smokes and hoping the cyberwizards can come to your rescue.

    Farf and Dina--hot tea and bright quilts to snuggle into.

    Had a Margatini instead of wine. Yum.

    Waves to rest and Have a good Midweek.

  2. Beth, I'm so sorry about your deletion woes and I hope you're able to recover your data. My blog has been defunct for nearly two years and I still only have about half of my data backed up -- I have to remember to finish this task already before disaster strikes.

    Andi, thanks for the info on that photo yesterday and the link to your gallery. It was neat to learn that they brought elk back to the area but your photos were vastly better than those in the Wiki article. ;) I've only spent a little time in North Carolina, only on one occasion, about an hour or so south of Cataloochee, but deep in the mountain woods, and it was just breathtakingly beautiful.

    Best wishes to everyone for tasks finished, good nights of sleep, elimination of viruses, &c.

  3. I was just about to type "good morning" when the clock rolled over to noon. So, happy noon!!

    Busy day today at the mimes, finishing up a training document for a client. Went in early, too PLUS was able to get in 30 minutes on the recumbent bike. I feel so accomplished!

    Beth - bummer about the deletion.

    Lisa - Margatini?

    Best wishes to all - must rush away...

  4. Drive-by hi… Mason is improving, but didn't go to sleep until midnight then woke up twice, so still a bit sleep-deprived.

    I don't know what a margatini is either (tequila and vermouth?), but I wouldn't mind trying one tonight. It might be a little more palatable than Cruzan rum neat, that has a kind of syrupy-sweet flavor.

    Let's see if I can knock over a few support beams here in the mimes… ;-)

  5. Plus there are horses, Lisa! You can't see them but they in front of the barn and in the dark spot on the far left. :)

    It is a very gorgeous area, Jen. We'll be going back.

    Work and exercise -- you are very good girl, Maria.

    Glad to hear that Mason is doing better. Don't bring anything crashing down on your head, Farf.