Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let It Flow

From our Christmas Day hike in Brown County State Park
Taken December 25, 2010.

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  1. Brrrr.
    Love seeing the snow and quiet woods in pictures.
    50s here and that's plenty cool for me.

    Day one back was quiet. Quite a few absent and the ones there were sluggish including me. WooHoo.

    Four new ones plus two walk in returnees--so job security holding.

    Tonight is book club. So good to talk to other adults and laugh and wine rather than whine. Couldn't make it through the Book Thief a second time. Stopped about the same place. Some stories just close up and don't pull me in.

    Daughter has much more room in the room now. Looking for one of those folding ladder type bookselves. But can't find one when you want one.
    Beth, Book shelves are tricky book magnets.
    I'm trying for less books these days but haven't done as much purging yet.

    Blankie and snuggles for Mason and Farf.

    Maria, you are doing AWESOME with the exercise and eating!!

    Good luck with kiddos, Jim.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. ::yawns::

    I hear it's morning. Ugh. Insomnia fairy smacked upside the head last night. I think I got about 2.5 hrs of sleep.

    Too bad it's not staycation week anymore!! :)

    Thanks, Lisa - it's lovely to hear the encouragement.

    Beth - yes, getting new shelves = filling new shelves. I can attest to that and will swear it in court.

    Definitely purging books sooner than later, as they are beginning to take over again. How does this happen??? (she asks, rhetorically)

    Hoping for a quiet, speedy day...

  3. Good morning, everyone.

    What a lovely winter photo! Also catching my eye recently is a shot from the stream in the sidebar. It is of a small weathered wood structure against a green hill with low-lying clouds, and if either of the Fs are moved to narrate a little bit, I'd love to know more about it/who shot it/where it was taken.

  4. I'm afraid the bookshelves are already full before they're even purchased, judging by the number of boxes in my office. I'm hoping to convince myself to send some of them to the donation bin, but it feels like ripping off an arm when I do it. So much for trying to simplify!

    Sorry about the insomnia fairy, Maria - I'm sleeping WAY too much right now, and feel like the day's half over when I wake up. Send her this way!

    Book club and wine sounds good - I'd like to find one of those. I did get a snuggly for Christmas, and can attest to its snuggliness, Farf!

    Thanks for sharing your walk with us, andi.

    Decorations come down today. And job search begins.

    Happy Tuesday, y'all! Waving to all-

  5. Drive by hi. Bad cold keeping my awake and miserable.

  6. I loved the Book Thief, Lisa, but I can see how it could be very hard to read. Jim listened to it instead and found the reader to be spectacularly good so you might want to try it that way.

    I can't think of a better source of a coup, Maria, than books. They should just take over everything. :)

    Jen, I took that picture in an area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park called Cataloochee. It's a remote valley that was one of the last to have its inhabitants moved out when the area became part of the park. The wiki write-up is very complete. And the last five pictures in our photo gallery of this vacation were all taken in the area (including a close-up of the barn).

    Book club always sounds good to me too, Beth -- that is, until I consider I have to go be with people I may or may not like and discuss a book I may or may not have wanted to read.

  7. Sorry you're sick, dina!

    Yeah, I've thought about that, andi.

    I'm in major panic mode. Thought I was deleting an unused Google account, and somehow zapped my main account. Which deleted my Blogger account as well. I've been trying to go through the recovery process, but they don't like the info I'm sending them. Now I have to wait a few days to fill out the form again. It's all automated - there's no real person to contact.

    So there's a good chance my blog is gone forever, with the record of 5+ years of my life with it. I had meant to do books of it (as I did with the round-the-world segment of the blog), but hadn't gotten around to it.

    Beating my head against the wall....

    Keep your fingers crossed that at some point they'll agree that I AM the owner, and reinstate it for me. Before it's gone forever.


  8. Hi Dina.

    Beth, I am so sorry; everything that can be crossed is crossed.

    I googled around to see if there were any suggestions and I found this one: For other problems, and probably also for deleted blogs which you want to claim back, post your problems to Google Blogger Help group. Try to catch the attention of one of the Blogger Employees and if they see your appeal for help, they can help you get your blog back. Remember to give your blog URL.

  9. Oh jeez Beth, that has got to be the sickest feeling ever.

    The doc tells me some unspecified virus is going around, and I've got it. I just hope Mason doesn't get it on top of his ear infection. The amoxicillin turned out to be a really bad idea, it had him awake in hysterics about 1a.m. They're supposed to get us something else but we're not sure what.

    Been trying to nap some through the afternoon, but Moptop's shrieking and the incessant phone ringing don't help too much with either one. But Mrs. Fetched says her video "draft" went well with the client, a few tweaks but no biggie. Yay for *something* going right today!

  10. Yikes Beth. Keeping everything on my body crossed that you recover everything.

    One of the things I like about using livewriter to write my blog posts is that I get a copy on my own hard drive before it is posted. Because deleting my blog is something that would definitely happen to me. Most likely accidentally but perhaps in a fit of despondancy or manic urge to just change my life ...

    Good luck!

  11. Damn Farf, that all sounds so miserable (except for Mrs Fetched). So sorry.

    Howdy Mary.

    Night everybody.