Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just One Little Drop

Taken December 31, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. There's a whole world in that bubble.....

    And here's some snow pix.

  2. Ooh, cool wee bubble!!

    Bracing for the snow here - not a lot, but expected right at evening rush hour...in time for the fools to cause accidents.

    Farf, pretty pics! I prefer snow that way, in someone else's yard! ::g::

    Spending today gathering data so we can go after a welshing client. Sigh. Tedious, but they owe us lots of $$.

    Stay warm & safe, all!

  3. Love the snow pics, Farf. The kids look adorable and that's one ... um ... well-built snowperson. We've got our midwestern version of your snow here which got Jim out of school today.

    Good luck with the snow, Maria. I hope it doesn't cause you any trouble getting home.

  4. Snow! We had enough snow that I decided to take a completely unnecessary snow day. I certainly could have made it into the office if I'd really wanted to. But instead I stayed in my sweats.

    Congrats on a day off Jim!

  5. I'd say that's putting snow to very good use, Mary.

    Night all.