Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Iron Chef Gets Points for Plating

Taken January 7, 2011.

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  1. That's if the iron chef is a squirrel.

  2. Absolutely LOVE IT, Andi.

    Hey, I've got the whole squirrel Iron Chef pictures in my mind.

    Jim, It was a long day at my place too.

    Toby still not so good. Have to push fluids only once a day for a week. But we added a pill once a day too. Woohoo--NOT.
    What we do for our children...I mean pets.

    Beth, great that you have the blog going. Nice pics.

    Maria, WOW. Just WOW.

    Off to shower before donning doc personnae and torturing cat.

  3. Hey Jim, if google Bobby Flay squirrel, you get 413,000 results. :P

    I'm sorry Toby is still having problems, Lisa. Crossing fingers and claws here for an improvement really soon.

  4. Jim & Andi, my best friend in the education "biz" in California sent me this.

    "Governor Perry of Texas calls on all Republican voters to resign from State Government. "It is only fair that teachers and state employees who voted Republican should be the first to lose their tax funded jobs."

    Just transition over to the private sector. Don't ya just love hearing that from a person with a government. Duuude.

    But he does have a point. The Anti-Government crowd really shouldn't hold government jobs or be a part of a union nor should they be working in a socialist program such as public education.

    I guess the GOP never learned Irony in school.

    Feeling better. Great meeting! Our sales are fantastic even in this economy. Stores would be happy with a 2 -4% profit margin. We're at 12%!!! Profit share checks will be in February. Whoot!

  5. Obviously my best friend Onioned me this morning :)

    I don't catch snark before 5:coffee am.

    Runs away with scissors

  6. @Janet - When I read your first post, I was all WHAT? Rick Perry???? Then I saw your 2nd post. ::g::

    Just arriving at the mimes after visit to new dentist. $$$$kaching!$$$ Awesome office, but they collect money up front and then file with insurance. Gulp. (at least I have insurance!)

    45 minutes/11 miles today on the bike. Listening to audiobooks is the way I do this - I want to hear what's next, so I stay on the bike and pedal!

    Andi, love the acorn pic. I can just picture Chip and Dale (the cartoon chipmunks, not the dancers) asking for a nice Merlot to go with the gorgeous dinner. ::g::

    Wishing you all a great Tuesday!

  7. What is that? Looks like an aquarium scene.

    Lisa, cats can either be good about taking a pill, or they can be… a pill. I'm guessing Toby's the latter.

    Janet, woohoo for huge-@$$ margins! I've heard 1% is pretty typical for a grocery. Too bad that was an Onion article, I'm starting to think The Onion is all the news you wish was happening.

    Oh hai Maria! You slipped in as I hit Preview. I may borrow your "trip" idea and ride to my mom's (570 miles). Hm. Maybe I should start with a shorter trip.

    Well, The Boy came home last night after a near-miss with getting to his screening. Mrs. Fetched let Snippet come with. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT To top it off, Mason had an allergic reaction to a piece of shrimp (we think)… very difficult getting him to sleep, then he soaked his diaper, pajamas, bedding, and (after I picked him up) my robe. I gave him my side of the bed and slept in the recliner. Neeeeeeed… coooffffffeeeeeee…

  8. Happy is the squirrel with good presentation.

    Just zipping through this morning, but had to say yay for getting new blogs up and running for FM and Beth, though still boo for being forced to do so. Also had applaud FarF's poem from yesterday.

  9. Good morning everyone,

    Raining down here with the temps in the 40s. I actually don't mind the rain which I hope will help keep the drought down this summer.

    Lisa keep pushing the medicine. Hopefully Toby will feel better soon.

    Jim I'm sorry, but you lost me on the Iron Chef and squirrel.

    Janet glad to hear you're feeling better.

    Maria my condolences on the trip to the dentist. I won't even get started on dentist and money. A very sore spot with me.

    FAR sorry Snippet was in the package with The Boy coming back. Hope Mason gets to feeling better. Get some coooffffffeeeeeee…

    Thanks for the yay Kelly. I'm also giving a yay for Beth.

    Everyone take care today.

  10. Well Janet, it's really mean to send email snark before 5 a.m. so I'd say it's all on your friend. ;)

    I've been listening to audiobooks on morning walks, Maria, and like you I find them to be a good motivation to keep going.

    It's just an acorn sitting on snow which is sitting on moss, Farf. Poor Mason (and poor wet you too). :(

    Howdy Kelly. Hope you're getting a warm up there -- we finally got above freezing yesterday.

    You've got to have watched the Iron Chef on the Food Network, Whit, to get the joke.

  11. Andi, the warm as indeed arrived. Was 26 when I went snowshoeing yesterday and it felt tropical.

    P.S. the roof is still holding.

  12. Wow, the detail is stunning, andi. A feast fit for a squirrel!

    Happy to be back online, and hearing from my blog buddies again! Still tweaking the site, tho.

    Sick critters - one of the joys of pet ownership. Hopefully all are well soon.

    Yay for the roof, Kelly - and it is indeed sad when 26 is tropical. I gotta stop whining about 60's. Wish we had your rain, FM! (And nice to see you every day!)

    Dentists, ugh. But you're doing great on the bike, Maria!

    And sigh, Farf. I feared it was too good to be true. My mother would alway say, "I'll get my reward in Heaven."

    Off to cause trouble in the real world - nice evening, all!

  13. Andi, how many of the Google results were using flay as a verb?

  14. Andi, I don't feel so bad coming home and seeing that someone made a diary about int at the big orange many fell for it because it's his typical hypocritical anti-government stance. LOL They missed the snark tag even.

    My best friend gets up way early than I do as she's works for the schools. My schedule varies so she probably figured I'd read it at 10 instead of 5 :)

    Farf, you need Calgon to take you away and away and away! :) I never had those "Calgon Take Me Away" moments because we all know what happens when a Mom goes into the bathroom and shuts the door. Midgets start banging on the door. :D

    Our store created 20 more jobs just this year and we're creating about 250 more by next Sept!!! Pretty damn good. I love being a part of it.

    Heard rumors that a New Seasons store might be in a Portlandia scene. But there's tons of rumors right now about that show. Portlandia is actually a statue that I've taken many shots of during protests. I almost always end up underneath her pointing finger.

    Kelly!!! I love your Friday Pootie Photos!

  15. Yay for tropical weather ... and still holding roofs. :)

    Enjoy the trouble-making, Beth.

    Wow, that's really excellent news about your store, Janet.

    Night everybody.

  16. Janet, great news about your store! I don't know about Calgon, but a month or two in a beach house would suit me just fine. I always try to run interference with the midgets when Mrs. Fetched wants some rest time. She doesn't get enough rest either.

    Finished a short story this evening, based on a character I saw at a local Zaxby's last Friday. At first, I thought she'd make a perfect first victim in a horror flick, but then I realized what "perfect victim" means… It's dark, ugly, vicious, and stretched my writing in a different direction.

    Bed time. See y'all in the morning.