Thursday, January 13, 2011


Taken December 31, 2010 during a 5 day break from below freezing temps.

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  1. Andi, it hit me yesterday that the sunrises were sherbert colored. Raspberry with maybe some blueberry sorbet mixed it. But then the cold might not be a good image with winter.

    Ahhh. Water pic=new wallpaper.

    Jim, I hope you don't have to miss too much more school. June can be a long month if so.

    Farf, Keep warm and stay safe on those roads.

    Maria, with all that hot air up the road, I'm surprised D.C. isn't tropical.

    Beth, feel better so you can enjoy San Diego!!

    Dina, hope they keep those roads clear for you.

    Thursday-Friday for me.
    No kiddos tomorrow--a work day and then Monday is a holiday.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    Waves to all.

  2. Morning, all!

    ::stares at the pretty water and tries to convince self that calling in sick would be a bad idea::

    My sinuses are winning the battle. UGH. V. tired of the cold, darn it. But at least I'm not further north! I think mother nature is sparing us this year.

    Lisa, hooray for kidfree!Friday!! (and your holiday on Monday)

    ::waves to all latecomers::

    I'm SOOOO glad it's my Friday.

  3. And an update - just after I wrote that my stomach rebelled. I guess I really was coming down with something.

    Staying in today after all.

  4. ::slowly pokes head out, checks rationality level of general cultural atmosphere, finds data incommunicably appalling, sends everyone best wishes and dives back under cover::

  5. Beautiful winter day here. The kind that makes you appreciate the season.

    Maria, hope you feel better soon.

    Love the picture (though that is nothing new!)

  6. Guess what? 43 years ago I dressed to suit the weather, so on went the thermal underwear, then the wedding dress and veil! Posed prettily at the church gate then abandoned elegance and hitched up my skirts and trudged through the snow to the church! I can't believe it's been so long, doesn't feel a fraction of the time, and we're still here!

  7. That image is a great one, Lisa; and the cold aspect isn't any problem as long as I think about it while snuggling up to the heat-generating-system -- no, not the wood stove -- known as Sniff.

    Feel better very, very soon, Maria.

    Jen, you can always come hang out at our house where the cultural atmosphere consists mostly of laughing at Sniff as he tries to sneak up on Bebo's food dish and wondering how the hell we got the only dog in the history of the Humane Society that is a painfully slow and incredibly picky eater.

    Howdy Dina. Glad the snow is being pretty for you, rather than a major pain.

    Happy 43rd anniversary, Nicky! And I hope each and every one of them has been celebrated with the joyful wearing of longjohns. :)

  8. Every time I see the word "interlude," I think of that Monty Python skit "A Romantic Interlude" that include flowing water… of course, it turned out to be home movies.

    Enjoy a kiddo-free day, Lisa! I'm sure a followup 3-day weekend only makes it better.

    Maria, snuggle up with your TV and kitty. Sounds like the thing to do.

    Jen, Sector 706 of Planet Georgia is a cultural desert island in a vast ocean of irrationality. I guess it's like living in the midwest during winter — you don't have the option of just holing up until it's gone, because it doesn't go away for 1/3 of the year, so you have to get out & make the best of it. :P

    Hi Dina!

    Happy anniversary, Nicky! I have to disagree with Andi, I think anniversaries should be celebrated by the joyful wearing of nothing at all. g/d/r

    I've been chipping at the ice on the driveway today. The sun has made it rotten in spots, and exposing the concrete creates a heat island to help with melting the rest. Also have been chipping at Final Cut Express, which is being a royal booger insisting it needs to run in the admin account. Off to the mimes shortly.

  9. Jen, you're welcome to hang out at Casa Vertigo.

    I've been practicing the various positions of Vom Chi since Sunday. Never had it this long or linger like this. Maybe it means my ear is healing. I dunno.

    Which makes me somewhat surly, edgy and unable or unwilling to talk politely. So I'm going to go yell at some hockey refs on tv.

  10. Nidki, Farf and I were thinking along the same lines. I was hoping that the anniversary was celebrated with the ritual peeling of the long johns. Happy 43 & many more.

  11. Happy Anniversary, Nicky! That kind of number is rare, and admirable.

    Sorry you're sick, Maria. Hopefully it goes away in time to enjoy the weekend.

    I just avoid the news - and leaving the apartment, Jen. Seems to help.

    Feeling better, after 9 hours of sleep last night. Looking forward to a few days by the water. And glad to be avoiding the nasty weather back east.

    The movers seem to have lost my high school yearbooks, too. I'm in the midst of a frantic search of all closets, hoping I stashed them somewhere safe, before I have a minor meltdown of more memories lost...I'm never moving again.

    TGTF, y'all....

    Oh andi, love the moving water picture, as always. I can almost hear it...