Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Can Be Nice

Taken January 2, 201.

Taken January 6, 2011

Taken January 2, 2011.
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  1. Morning Andi and everyone,

    Great pictures. Of the three day of rain we were supposed to have, we finally got a little of it last night. I'm actually wanting a lot of rain. It seems like each summer now we go into drought.

  2. Sorry, that is me above. I was playing around with my new goggle account last night.

  3. I guessed it was you and figured you were just hinting that you wanted me and Jim to adopt you. ;)

  4. Would you really really really. Tell the dogs to make a place for George and me by the stove. Plus we don't have fleas, and I'll bring George's dog food. At his age now he has to eat the soft dog food.

  5. Come on up! The dog beds around the stove are yours for the taking. But isn't going to be hard to actually be in Indiana while never leaving Alabama?

  6. LOL, you two are funny. ;-)

    Andi, there are no words to adequately describe the gorgeousness of these ice photos. They are amazing!!!

  7. Yep I've got to figure out the never leaving part. But you just wait. When the lottery or PCH finally comes in......

    Oh wait. I probably still won't leave, but I will send the private jet to pick up everyone.

  8. Glad you like 'em, Candis, because I've got more, lots more.

    Whit, the dogs are clearing out a landing strip right now -- I'm pretty sure that's why they're out there frantically digging in the dirt.

  9. If you could get Whit to leave Alabama it would be a world-stopping event, Andi. ;-)

    And yay for more ice photos. Looking forward to 'em.

  10. That top one's my fave — looks like a piece of abstract art. Too bad you couldn't freeze it & keep it.

    Hey, hasn't FM been to Atlanta for medical something or other? That ain't Alabama, and the pod people will make sure you understand that…

    Mime'ing at home today. Outside my window, it looks like we never had any snow.

  11. That's *just* the way I like ice--in pictures! ::g::

    No more ice/snow today, thank goodness, the wee car was all better. 38F felt like paradise after all the cold. :)

    Contemplating the next steps in the writing answers yet, just questions.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. Hi, all. Love the pictures, Andi, and the first one is my favorite as well.

    Grey and gloomy here. A good day to stay in.

  13. Morning. Ice! Brrr, it's "nippily" outside! :)

    Speaking of outside, we've been graced by the arrival of over 25 ravens. 8 of them on one branch of my tree out front. Not just my yard, obviously, but it's pretty damn cool nonetheless. I've always had a connection to these black birds. One "adopted" me for several days, letting me hold him and carry him around.

    But it's simply amazing to see them all. They've been hanging out in the mornings for at least 3 days now. I wonder what's up.

    Going to read about the prison industry and use of slave labor in this country before I head off to work. Amy Goodman did a wonderful story on it a few weeks back.

  14. I'm as likely to get whit out of Alabama as I am to get you out of Canada, Candis. :P

    There's a reason the top one IS the top one, Farf.

    Happy deep thoughts, Maria.

    Looks the same here, Dina. Blecch.

    Watching the ravens sounds so cool, Janet. Take pictures!

  15. Yeah Candis, what Andi said. :~)

  16. I had no idea what it was, andi. I'm glad you titled the pix. Just wonderfully cool.

    The whale watching was a lot of fun. Lots of spouts, and we saw the back of a gray surface near the boat. Dolphins and sea lions too! A gorgeous sunny day on the water. Way too much fun! If I had a blog I'd post pictures...

    I'll work on that this weekend, and let you know where the new one is.

    You and George are welcome here, FM, but it's not nearly as cozy or homey as the F's place.

    Back to work. Have a peaceful evening, all!

  17. Pictures, Beth, pictures!!!

    You can post links to them or to the album in the comments here.

    Night everybody.