Monday, January 10, 2011

How to deal with Mondays: Don't Get Twisted Up Over It

Taken December 19, 2010.

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  1. Bebo is a role model for relaxation.

    Had rain and sleet and snow yesterday. Freezing temps but after the little bit of snow mostly melted so don't see school closing.

    Started eating better again. Made a chicken chili and chicken soup yesterday. Cutting down on red meat and sweets and junk. Hoping to follow in Maria's inspirational footsteps.
    Not exercising yet. Need the woods and the pups to inspire me.

    Off to start the last week of the semester. WooHoo.
    Reviews and exams and grades, Oh My.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Chilly here but I'm feeling chuffed with myself. My six complimentary copies of my very cozy 'Murder Fortissimo' have arrived and I luuuuuuurrrrrrvve it! Shiny brass trumpets dripping tastefully with blood, a body with dead legs akimbo in a pool of more blood, and my name up there in lights (so to speak). I've read it now as a 'proper' book and enjoyed it - which is now worrying me. (Like laughing at your own jokes!)

    Check it out here:
    and ask your public library to order it in - the publisher sells mostly to libraries hence the expensive hardback! (Unless you're loaded, in which case by all means buy it!)

  3. Morning, all!

    Lisa, yay on the eating better. It's truly amazing how much better I feel since I've started my foray into actual cooking.

    Nicola, congrats!!

    Rode the bike this morning 20 mins, which yay me. I really like endorphins. ::g::

    Cold here, duh, with a side of OMGSNOWCOMING. No real surprise there. I figure that we may or may not get snow. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. ;)

    Farf, hope you & the kidlet are feeling better!

    Happy Monday!

  4. Sprawl Queen r00lz. And dr00lz.

    There's 4 or 5 inches of snow here at FAR Manor. And yet work goes on — I'm on a scheduled conference call with all the other people at home today too! ;-)

    Lisa, good luck with changing the food intake. I did much of what you did a while back. It helps.

    Yay Nicky!!! And I don't see anything wrong with enjoying your own book.

    Maria, Mason and I are both doing better. He slept all night the previous two nights so it wasn't so bad getting up with him last night. Then he went right back to sleep. Hope you enjoy any snow you get!

  5. Bebo will be glad to inspire you, Lisa -- she says the key is to never walk anywhere but always run at full speed.

    Woo hoo, Nicky. I'm the sure the insides of the book more than live up to that excellent cover.

    I don't know if our snow (starting tonight, going into tomorrow), is the same weather system as yours, Maria, but right now it doesn't look too bad with total accumulation of 3-5 inches.

    We need pictures, Farf, of your winter wonderland.

  6. Yay to new books, healthier food, working from home, and sleeping through Monday! I worked all night, so at least slept through part of Monday morning.

    Bookcases in pieces in their respective bedrooms. Dinner on the stove. Football on the telly. Go Ducks!!

    Stay safe in that crazy weather out there...

  7. Ugh on working on all night, Beth. I hope you're going to get a nice night's rest tonight.

    Night everybody.