Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grows As It Flows

Taken January 5, 2011.

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  1. I will sully the VGW with the statement that if I *never* see another winter like this one/last one, it will be way too soon!!

    Am finally warming up and feeling a bit back to normal (for whatever values of normal apply to me) post-45 hour power loss.

    My TiVo is acting up, but pretty much everything else is okay (less the items in the fridge).

    I'd planned to work on Blood Sacrifice revisions today, but my brain is really tired from all the fretting about the no power, so I'll table that until tomorrow.

    Up early to ride the exercise bike and catch up on the Intarwebz.

    Wishing you all a fabulous & warm weekend!

  2. Welcome back to the world of the empowered, Maria! :)

  3. Hey ho! Ice makes a false shoreline.

    Maria, ride fast and ride hard, leave that frustration in the dust!

    Janet, it's a shame that they didn't take better care of Wayne, and the other guys there don't take better care of themselves. A friend joined the Navy & blew out her knee in basic… they gave her what amounted to a Band-aid and discharged her. Seems like an ongoing thing there.

    Mason's awake, gotta run.

  4. Oh Maria, that's incredible. Take the day for yourself - what a nightmare when you don't have a woodstove for warmth/comfort! Sheesh. Glad it finally came back on!

    Heard one of my songs on Sirius radio yesterday. After the interview debacle, reminded me that I AM capable of great things, and less like a smushed critter on the highway.

    Great Saturday to everyone - hoping for a productive day. Followed by a Trop Rock concert tonight, woo hoo! A taste of home here in the desert.


  5. Good morning all,

    Maria I'm glad to hear your power is back on and that you're warming up somewhat. Glad also that you'll be slacking today. Of course, you used the word Intarwebz, and that caused me to do the unslackerly thing of looking it up. ;)

    Andi love the floe.

    FAR I agree with you about the Armed Forces taking care of its people. What burns me up too is that they get away with it! Tell Mason I said hi.

    Beth I'm waving back. Gosh I wish I got Sirus. That way I could say, "Hey, I know the person that wrote that." Yeah Sure. :)

    Everyone take care and have a good w/e.


  6. Hi, to all. Week of bad news got very much worse today.

    And it doesn't sound like it will get better any time soon.

  7. Toby is all better. So no more pricks to push fluids. WooHoo.

    Maria, woohoo for power for you.

    Beth, You are so much more. No matter what interview felt like.
    Songwriter moves to the top of the list.

    Hoping warm flash for those that need it. An arctic front is moving our way for early this next week. So soaking in the 70 right now.

    Cyberhugs all around to those that need it.

  8. Happy for you & Toby, Lisa. Happy Maria has abandoned the 19th century way of life. Happy weekend to all others.

  9. Hi all. Just got back from spending the day with my mom in Indianapolis. There's something about spending hours with my mom that just fries my brain.

    But there's enough mindpower left to send good vibes to all who need them.

  10. Cut a little firewood today. I really need to see if I can borrow that Husqvarna saw I helped get back into service last winter — I could have cut twice what I did with that.

    {{{Dina}}} whatever it is, we're here for ya.