Friday, January 7, 2011

Grand Re-Opening

Taken December 30, 2010.

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  1. I imagine that re-opening has re-frozen by now, or will soon, brr, it's cold out there.

    Jen, zombpocalypse! Have you seen "ZMD - Zombies of Mass Destruction"?

    Janet, I have not seen that yet. I am a longtime fan of the (tres klassy) zombie genre, however, so it will probably turn up on my screen sooner or later.

    The most recent zombie story I've seen that I've liked was the first short season (6 eps) of The Walking Dead on AMC. It's heavy on the dark, not much for humor (I love dark humor and wish they would write in more of it), and the gore factor is closer to what you see in the movies than typical American tv standards. It's adapted from a comic which I have not read, but I understand from reading fan boards that the storylines diverge early on. The tv writers have made some questionable choices w/r/t race and gender that I would have written differently, but the story is otherwise pretty good so far, fwiw.

    This place is unusually quiet this morning, I hope everyone is well as can be.

  2. Morning, all!

    Friday @ the mimes. :( I'd rather be home in bed...though if I were, I'd be listening to the painters/carpenters doing the move-in prep at the apartment across the hall. They started banging on the walls at 7:45 a.m.

    Hoping for a quiet, peaceful day.

    Some snow expected later, but not much.

    Jen, Janet - Zombies, ick. I *wanted* to watch Walking Dead, but after a few minutes, could not stand the rotting flesh factor. Oddly, I don't mind the gore so much in other shows (Fringe, for example), but zombies just are not my thing, though I do find the concept fascinating.

    Wishing everyone a great day!

  3. The creeks are still open, Jen, but they are gradually refreezing and with the ground already frozen, the flow isn't getting replenished so they'll freeze that much faster.

    We were supposed to get some snow here, Maria, but it turned out just to be a light dusting that mostly got blown away. Do you read any steampunk, Maria? I liked Cherie Priest's zombies in Boneshaker.

  4. OMG I came this close to meeting Priest at Powells, but it was Danni's bday and I had many errands to run. She's good friends with someone who works at Powells (and shops at my store) so I know there will be other times to meet her.

    There are different types of zombies. I have almost all kinds in book or movie form. Even Slither is kinda zombish to me due to the Hive Mentality. ,,, Anyways...

    Jen, I'm not watching Walking Dead atm because I'm impatient. I want to see things on my time :) So we'll watch it at some other time and possible marathon it.

    Sharks Stunk. No longer is it about personal best, it's all about paychecks. Players are starting to attack each other in the media... Yuck.

    Last night I made some drinking chocolate. Not that watered down hot chocolate stuff. Real chocolate to drink. We made too much of it. Should have had only about a half of a mug. But you live and learn. Nice treat. It was even beautiful how the chocolate ran up the side of the cup as you drank it and left chocolate "stream layers". Dagoba Drinking Chocolate. Even comes in Chai, Dark and Milk. Sound like a commercial, but I like good things.

  5. Dang, I forgot a gyn appt. Just got called. Here I was, sitting back, catching up on emails and making shopping lists. Been way too many doc visits lately. Brain drain I guess.

    Jen, back to zombies for a sec. I have a friend who works at Powells who is an undead head :) He's the Goth Comics expert. So he helps Mr. Damnit pick out stuff for me and we talk "shop" all the time. Another cool flick for you to catch is "The Signal" not a zombie movie but has the hive mentality. It's done by 3 different directors. Each one takes 1/3 of the film. It's total Horror Gorefest. But the first part is Gore Horror. Shock Schlock. IIRC the film starts out in the 8mm look briefly. The second part is total Dark Humor Gore-Horror. Last is Psychological Horror.

    But each part kinda melds into the other, each one takes a few minutes back and then catches up. Without giving anything away... you see it through the eyes of a few main charachters but you don't know if it's hive or victim eyes. A signal comes through radio, tv, loudspeakers that turns everyone into paranoid homicidal maniacs. Some don't even realize it because they are running from other paranoid homicidal maniacs. I think you'd LOVE it. I did. Horror is rarely "smart".

    Gonna make Tuscan Stew with Ciabatta bread to pour it on. Tomorrow I might bake cookies. It's my zen time. :) Sunday, we're hooking up with some co-workers of mine for a Winter Hawk hockey game. 12 of us all going. Should be a blast. Can't beleive I missed my docs appt... (he's a specialist, so thought maybe I was "hiding".) I wasn't LOL, just flaked.

  6. Sitting here watching the snow and being very happy that I don't have to go out. Makes it beautiful!

    As for zombies - so not my thing but with the right author I will read it. I don't like vampires either but love some people who write about them.

  7. Hey all… that looks like what we might have here Monday. I guess I'll pack the work laptop & take it home with me just in case. Last thing I need is another five-hour drive home.

    A signal comes through radio, tv, loudspeakers that turns everyone into paranoid homicidal maniacs.

    Sounds a lot like Stephen King's Cell.

    Bad news: my Kindle turned up with a partly gronked screen yesterday morning. Good news: Amazon decided to replace it under warranty since I'm only a couple weeks past the expiration date. I've been resisting the temptation to call the house to see if UPS has been by yet. Apple-level service there. Whew!

    I guess we're going to meet Daughter Dearest for supper & buy her some groceries. The life of a college student, huh?

  8. Pretty pretty, andi!

    Late to the show - just finished a work project. Now it's off to find dinner and wander across the street for Friday happy hour. Mainly a chance to get out of the condo and talk to someone besides my teddy bears.

    Still waiting to try and contact Google again. They said to wait "a few days," and I figure 2 isn't that. So I'll try again tomorrow. Did find cached copies of most of my posts online, so at least the content still exists. I'd be a lot happier if I could get the blog back, though.

    Sorry for those who are fighting sickness - sending healthy vibes to all!

    Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend planned - stay warm!

  9. I'll be interested to hear what she has to say if you do ever get to meet her, Janet. And Tucson stew with Ciabatta sounds yummy.

    We've got snow here too, Dina, but I'm feeling the prettiness right now because I just had to drive the slick country roads.

    Farf, nice of you to be so nice to DD. Maybe that's why Amazon was so nice to you. :)

    Beth, hope they get back to you soon. Nice to be able to have a happy hour so close to home. I hope Google gives you a happy day real soon.