Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Color of 2011

Taken January 3, 2011.

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  1. Good Morning Andi,

    Nice sunrise or sunset. I'm not sure. We were supposed to have all sorts of rain for the last two days, but not a thing so far. I hear coffee calling me.

  2. I hope it called you something nice.

    It's a sunset.

    We've had rain overnight and now drizzle. But none of the freezing rain/snow mix so that was a possibility so I'm happy with the weather gods.

  3. I remember in December of 89 I came home from Germany. I thought it would be cold at home, but a big difference from where I had been. I got home a day before the biggest ice storm this area had seen in decades. While sitting in the den with the fireplace inserts pouring out as much heat as they could, FMom and I listen to pine tree branches popping and cracking all around the house. It sounded like a war zone outside and the next day it looked like a tornado had come through. I don't mind sleet and ice, but just a small smattering of it please. :)

  4. Hi, all. We are having freezing rain here after some snow.

    I hate driving in this so I am staying home this morning. Hopefully by the time I have to go out it will be better.

    Hope everyone has better weather than this!

  5. Morning, gang!

    Andi, we got your freezing rain/wintry mix in SPADES! My car is a sheet of ice. Schools closed all around, though Feds are open, which means we're open. Sigh.

    I am doing the smart thing, though and working @ the mimes from home today. I can hear way too many people out there trying to scrape off their cars.

    ::hates winter::

  6. I'm opening the store today. Several times in the next few weeks actually. Perhaps I should take a mime canary in with me?

    Drizzle here.

    Warm cat laying up against my laptop. Every now and then a big black hairy paw SLOWLY reaches around the left corner and tries to get my qwerty!

    Battle ears over the top of the screen now. He's peeking at me.

    I'd better get ready before he pouncadkfja;oweirwejksdn


  7. AHAHA! Farf, this YouTube video is for you.

    It's a local Atlanta woman doing her version of the weather report. Priceless!

  8. Hallooo there!

    Hey FM, good to see you around again. Likewise Janet. Get Nancy and Jen to show up a little more often and it'll be old home time.

    Per usual, crazy busy at the moment. Having always wanted to get to a two books a year schedule, I'm not allowed to whine about it now, but it's definitely a ton of work. Hoping to get my word count in early today and then go snowshoeing with Neil's dogs instead of having to do treadmill. Much more fun that way.

    Had a houseful of friends much of yesterday including my first experience with extended time spent with people who were serious fans before I met them in person, cool and surreal at the same time.

    Gotta get back to the word mines. The last seam has petered out and I need to hit the mother lode soon or I'll have problems.

    In roof related news, the damaged portions continue to hold just fine, but I did get to spend over an hour on a ladder in the morning yesterday chipping a drainage channel through a hella ice dam. Stupid ice beavers.


  9. Happy Virtual Monday, y'all! Yeah, I was thinking "color in winter = sky." Good to see I guessed right. :)

    The snow & ice is all but gone here — just patches in places not important to people needing to get from Point A to Point B. All the rain we were supposed to get turned into a drizzle, but the temps have been warm enough to melt stuff anyway. Looks like a big blob of rain heading toward the manor, but the mimes might not see much judging from the radar.

    Maria, I'll have to check out that vid when I get home, they block YouTube at work.

    Janet, watch those big paws! Mason likes to smack my keyboard if he's in my lap at the computer, then jump down and run into the bathroom. :P

    Back to work…

  10. Dina and Maria, I'm sorry you're getting what we missed. I guess the weather gods aren't so kind after all.

    Attack cat! Janet beware!

    Hope you find some fine ore with a wide ribbon of gold running through it, Kelly.

    I suppose most Georgians (over 18) will be happy to see the snow and ice go away as fast as possible, Farf.