Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cypress on White

Taken January 20, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Hi Beth. I'm sure you're being way too modest about those pictures. Can't wait to see them.

    ... back to today.

    It's 4 degrees out and I've been awake since 4 a.m. I'm thinking 4 is not an auspicious number for me.

  2. Morning Andi,

    Wonderful contrast with those pictures. I kept thinking you couldn't had stopped in the exact spot to take the second picture. You must have an X painted on the ground somewhere.

    As for numbers, 5 or 6 would be better, but be glad it's not 3 or 2. ;)

  3. Hiya Whit. The location of that tree makes it easy to duplicate the shot -- there's basically only one place to stand to take the shot. Oh and the number is now 7 -- degrees (too bad I can't change the waking up time).

  4. It's still just below zero here; was below zero much of the night.

    I've not mentioned it yet, I think, but I've been looking after a couple of feral cats (mama and 1 weaned kitten, whom I have named Ruby Tuesday and Fred) since late last summer, and I am so worried about them in these temperatures. They seem to do all right in the 20s, even in the teens, but this is damn cold, and we've got a fair amount of snow on the ground as well.

    Along with providing daily food and water, I've built them an insulated shelter and they do use it, but they are still just a little too wild to experiment with living inside yet, and it's KILLING ME to leave them out there when it's this cold. I keep putting my coat and hat on and going out there and holding Ruby in my lap (Fred is not ready for this yet), and she purrs and rolls around, then she hops down and rolls in the ice, lol, so I think my fears/imagination is worse than her actual reality but still. Come on, sun, kittehs need you!

    Hope everyone is well and warm. :)

  5. Heat wave here, 18. Going up to 28. Think I'll break out the shorts. ;)

    All the dry snow has compacted down, so its easier to walk through. But I hear more is on the way.

  6. Morning all!

    Wow, it's cold up north. You'd think it was winter or something. I had to look up Houghton MI (where I went to college): -6F current, hi of 10, 90% chance of snow. Let's go skiing!

    Whit, the wakeup time here was 7:30, thanks to Mason. I'm not sure about the temp, probably 30 give or take.

    Jen, if nothing else, the kitties would build a nest in the snow. They'll be fine, but it's good that they have someone like you to watch over them!

    Sad Mason is sad… later!

  7. Morning, gang!

    Commiserating with the cold here. It's gotten up to 19F. Sheesh. At least no snow, though there are rumblings of Big! Storm! Coming! (perhaps mid-week?) Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    Editorial notes rec'd on book 5 yesterday. Editor loved it. Now to fix the inconsistencies. :)

    Staying inside and staying warm. I hope you all do the same!


  8. Just got back from walking in the woods with dogs. Even with multiple layers, it was cold.

    Hi Jen! I worry about Bebo, Jen, because she's so skinny and her coat isn't very heavy but she does fine in the cold so I hope that's some encouragement that your kitties will be okay.

    Do they make long-john shorts, Mary?

    Hope it's happy Mason by now, Farf. It may be the season for this stuff but ours has been much colder and snowier than usual.

    Yay for happy editors, Maria.

  9. Man, I had to turn on the heat - you guys are making me cold! It's a brisk 61 in the condo - 49 outside. I just can't imagine those kinds of temps any more; yes, I am officially a wuss. Unless I'm cuddled by the woodstove with the pack, andi! Stay warm, y'all.

    Hopefully the kitties will figure out that your shelter is a safe place soon, Jen. Til then, yay for you for taking care of them.

    Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. I'm off to try and get the blog going in a new place.

    Happy Saturday!!

  10. 60 degrees here. Sun is out. Kinda weird.

    Jen I was just about to reply to the email! I need one more cup of coffee though. Glad you're taking care of the pooties.

    Public Canning! I first read it as Public Caning. Public Canning - sounds kinda soshulist to me :) That would be so cool to have around. Handy and helpful.

    I hope that this summer we can to some more u-pick at the fields literally just down the road. Jams and do some fruit leather for the kid's lunches.

    Visit with my Aunt was really great yesterday. She loved the store I work at and I gave her the full tour. Was impressed with the stew and how I cooked-entertained. I made vegan cookies and they loved them. Only politics brought up was the politics of food and that yesterday was the one year anniversary of the agreed by all horrible decision by the SCOTUS to make corporations people.

    Gotta play catch up on the laundry.

  11. Good Ole Boy vs Redneck LOL

    Yeah, there's a difference. You could replace hick, simpleton, bubba, etc with Good Ol Boy but Redneck... that's just a few notches below American Taliban at this juncture.

    But what do I know? I'm just a "Pink Commie Soshulist American Hatin' Lefty Libruhl Uppity Lezbo Dirty Effin' Hippie Tree Huggin' Dirt Eater" :D

    I always like the Commie-Socialist tag. I guess that's like Vegetarian-Meat Eater. :)


    These are hilarious! Bearded chef looks and acts so much like my brother. Who happens to have Chef skills.

    Butter, and Bacon Lard kept in an old Mayo jar were staples. Potatoes and pickled cucumbers a must. Imagine though 4 women in one kitchen making dinner for Thanksgiving. That's why I grated cheese, peeled vegetables in a corner and tried to make myself as small as possible. :)

    "What is this?"
    "Eat it, it's good for you!"

    Ja :)

  13. Hi Janet. I ought to say something more but I just woke up from napping on the couch and am just stopping by on my way to stumbling up to bed.

    Night all.