Thursday, January 6, 2011

Closing Season

Taken December 28, 2010.

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  1. Looks like the perfect pic for an August day or a tropical climate. Love the lines and texture and color contrast. Andi, You're getting good at this stuff.;)

    Don't know the recipe for the Margatini, but it was good. Know it had tequila and triple sec and fresh lime and lemon juice. Not so sweet as a margarita usually is.

    Work is kicking my butt as I try to get all the reviews out to kiddos and exams organized. Not all the teachers are quick to respond and send. And others want their stuff done NOW. Yeah,right.

    Hubby has a cold--men, sick--ugh. Such a drama queen and grumpy too.
    Hoping the Nyquil worked magic.

    Thursday Looking Wildly For Friday.

  2. g'morning! Lovely, snowy photo, Andi. We still haven't seen anything close to that here (a total change from last year) I don't think we've had a full inch yet (except at the airport where they do the official totals)

    No snow is great for the dog -- we don't get the mud either. But, I hope it doesn't mean we're heading for a drought.

  3. Nice framing, Andi.


    Ah, the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, drama queens should take half a bottle so they sleep-the-sleep-of-the-comatose-for-three-days medicine. :) Good stuff. After the apocalypse (assuming it's not a zombiepocalyspe) Nyquil will cost at least 12 canned goods, a Buffy comic, and a 1/2 gallon of fuel. Hope your grumpy man feels better soonest, Lisa!

    Best wishes to all for a great day.

  4. Morning, all. Love the peek into an earlier season, andi.

    Still can't access the Google Gods to convince them to return the blog. It's like losing my diary and calendar and memory, all in one. Argh. Remaining hopeful, but not very optimistic.

    Hope everyone's healthy, sleeping well, not working too hard, and keeping warm. Just realized I lost a day this week - keep thinking it's Wednesday. Work deadlines loom, so gotta rush.

    Happy Whatever Day It Is, all.

  5. Morning! That's like winter's rear-view mirror, looking back at fall. Fascinating shot.

    Lisa, sounds like you need another one of those Margatini things. Hope your guy gets better soon. I can relate… and when I get sick, I just want to hide in bed for a while. I only get grumpy when people continue to expect me to do all their stuff while I'm trying to recoup. :)

    KB!!!!! Hope to see you around more often.

    Jen, Mrs. Fetched did exactly that before I met her. Actually, she misread the instructions and took two whole dose cups instead of two tsps, and slept for nearly 48 hours. Her employers got the apartment mgmt to open her door because she hadn't called in for 2 days & they thought she was dead.

    Beth, I sure hope the GGs get it together for you. Needless to say, your travails prompted me to run a backup yesterday.

    Mrs. Fetched & I had a nice little anniversary dinner last night. (26) It was a little strange, being just the two of us and nothing needing immediate attention.

    Hokay, back to miming…

  6. Started the day running - my cleaners must have accidentally turned off my alarm, so it didn't go off this morning. Woke up at 8 instead of at 7!

    Got to the mimes, began working on a report that was my priority, then CEO called in a panic to get an agenda done for a training this afternoon. She's dictating to me as new baby is fussing in background.

    Agenda is partially done and she had to hang up to focus on baby.

    So far, an interesting day...

    Wish it was my Fake!Friday...but I'm working tomorrow. At least I'm getting taken out to lunch tomorrow. :)


  7. Trying to urge Friday to get a move on toward you, Lisa. Hope it gets there so fast you won't even notice all the snot-filled tissues on the floor. :)

    Hiya kb! No snow now as we had a warm up with lots of rain (and plenty of mud) but now we're back to cold temps again so at least the ground is frozen and no more muddy paws to cleanup. We had a drought from July through October and it was awful. I hope you escape anything like that.

    Thanks Jen. I am believer in the efficacy of Nyquil. I used to often have my colds turn into bronchitis but I've found that if I get right on them with Nyquil, it doesn't happen.

    Oh darn, Beth. I was hoping you'd have gotten some good news. Everything still crossed here.

    Happy, happy anniversary, Farf! And many, many more.

    Maybe the baby should write the agenda, Maria, since I always agendas do a lot fussing in the background as well.

  8. Nyquil wasn't doing it for me any more, but the Kirkland night pill allowed me to sleep last night.

    I thought I was getting better - then the pill wore off!

    Good Thursday to you all.

  9. Ahhh good ole nyquil. More people have died misusing that "over the counter medicine" than anybody ever did eating a brownie while trying to get some much needed rest. And yet... ROFL

    For colds, we swear by Umkwa Cold but it's probably hard to come by for most. I've noticed that mainstream stores don't actually sell much of anything that is good or helpful.

    Jen, zombpocalypse! Have you seen "ZMD - Zombies of Mass Destruction"? Rednecks and Faux Spews think it's all a turrist' plot and the town has some unlikely heroes. Great, dark comedy gorefest.

    Beth I hope you get your blog back.

    Gotta get ready for the mimes. It's my Friday today and I am so tired. Didn't snow here like the talking heads were shouting it would be. Rain now begets warnings of "Storm of the Century" broadcasts.

    Now that Fascism has completely taken over I will start each day with "Just gimme some truth". We now have corporations deciding on which laws our police will enforce and who to enforce them upon. Illegal search and seizures. Privacy laws not upgraded for the digital age. We have all this money to bomb other countries but most of our bridges are in dire need of repair and our kids are sitting in substandard, overcrowded schools. Politicans sound more like evangelicals. Whistleblowers are now the bad guys and truth deniers and/or apathy is considered proper and the norm. People want "less gubbermint" yet want to enforce their morality unto others. I love it.

    No wonder I didn't pop the champagne.