Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Close of Color

The last week of 2010 was a series of can-you-to-top-this sunrises (the pano was Dec. 31st).
Click image to see larger version


  1. Yummy colors, Andi.

    Jim, enjoy the extra time. At least you don't lose another day to make up later.

    Farf, Snowgal--what can I say. Looks like a motley crew ejoying the ample snow.

    Almost got exams done for my elective classes. Just a few that are late coming over or students that are inconsistent in coming. A good group to be released tomorrow and will start the second semester the best in ten years.

    Off to start the day. 22 here, but no snow. Clear and COLD.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Lisa, I just got the email school is canceled. Evidently the wind blew our fluffy snow back over the roads last night and this morning.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Gorgeous colors for a gorgeous blue sky day. We got weenie snow - about an inch or so. Nothing major. (thank goodness!) Though I do envy your snow day, Jim.

    Farf, ack. More snowy Georgia--not so good. :(

    I figure the amount of hot air being generated just up the road apiece is the reason we're not snowed in. ::g::

    Hooray for Wednesday!

  4. Hi, all. We got snow but it is already cleaned up. However, driving home from work last night wasn't much fun.

    I much prefer to see the pretty side from inside the house.

  5. The road looks driveable but it's a bit late in the day to brave the long commute. Maybe tomorrow morning. Mrs. Fetched said there's no traction on the driveway coming up from the road, so I'll need a spotter to let me slide onto the pavement. :P

    Yeah, people had fun playing in the snow yesterday. Snippet lost her Crackberry when they went sliding, and it's white, but The Boy managed to find it this afternoon. Talk about a miracle.

    Warm Wednesday Wishes to all…

  6. Boy, sounds like the NE is getting walloped with snow today! Glad you all are safe at home, and not out dealing with icy roads, etc. Sounds like our winter is over here - heading to 70 this weekend. Tho I'll be in San Diego. Waving warm air and sunshine to you all!

    Built bookcases today, so the office is that much closer to being organized. Otherwise worked at my desk - fighting some kind of bug so not feeling very energetic.

    Great snow pix, Farf - love seeing snow from a great distance.

    And sunrises are awesome, andi - my condo is tucked back in the trees so I don't see much of the sky. Maybe this weekend I'll catch at least a sunset at the beach...

    Have a good rest of the evening, y'all.

  7. Too sleepy to make coherent comments so just saying "Good night" to everybody.