Monday, December 20, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders ...

... oh never mind. Some things really are imponderable.
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  1. Ah, cute doggy photo. In snowy weather I really miss our beloved old dog, even though she's been gone ten years; she enjoyed it so much. We're in the middle of our second snowy period this winter, unprecedented down in this neck of the woods. I've now done all the food shopping for Christmas, just in case, reckoning that sprouts and carrots, etc, can hardly deteriorate in freezing conditions. Only trouble is, if it continues like this, we'll have hardly anyone here to eat the turkey!

  2. I'm with Sniff, let that Bebo go, go, go in the snow.

    Jim, Cyberhugs for these last three days.

    Nicky, I'm trying to catch up with you and get my food bought for Christmas. No snow here. 52 right now predawn.

    I can begin really enjoying NOT working today. WooHoo.
    Am working on next story and reading for fun. AHHH.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  3. Zen Sniff ponders whether 'tis nobler to approach the day with dignity, or slurp down the caffeine like Bebo and run around at random.

    Nicky, hope you thaw out soon. That's the thing about snow on Planet Georgia, two days and it's gone.

    Lisa, yay for not working!!! Sending productivity on story vibes…

    The reason I'm still here is The Boy has my car. He brought it home, but with Big V in it, which kind of put a hole in the situation. Now he's taking Lobster to work and helping Big V return something at Mal*Wart (at 7-8a.m.?).

    I dropped off a couple Mason pics (including the Epic Bed Hair shot) on TFM last night. They're down below Sondra's funeral (Cody and Rev. Patterson bury her tomorrow). Mason's going to be about 12, find the blog, go down about 2000 posts, and I'll have some 'splainin' to do. :)

  4. Morning, gang!!

    It's totally Monday. I really, really don't want to be at the mimes. Trying to figure out a way that I can take off next week. I think that I might be able to swing it.

    Nicky - yikes, I've been watching the news of the Big!Snow. Hang in there!!

    Lisa, hooray!! No work is a good thing. Have a fabulous week!

    Farf, I totally love the pics of Mason. He's such a cutie pie. I think most kids that are born these days are going to be confronting their parents/grands in about 12-15 years once they get hold of the blogs. ::g::

    Wishing everyone a fabulous day!

  5. Hi, all. Still no snow though it may come on Wednesday. I can wait.

    Happy Monday.

  6. Busy morning already! Just a quick hi. No snow here. Clouds though, which are a nice change.

    Enjoy time off, escaping the mimes, and great pictures of dogs romping in the snow!

    Back to work - happy Monday!

  7. We won't be able to witnesws the Solstice Lunar Eclipse tonight. Weather. Wah!!! Hrmmm maybe my crazy neighbors will see the blood red moon disappear and think it's doomsday?!?! Baptists... more skeery than zombies. :P

    No snow here so mucho mimo. I work till Thursday. Getting a ham, a safe and sane ham, mind you. The one thing I'm grateful for, my family doesn't have to worry about the meat they eat.

    Brother is coming over for the first time. It's nice having him near. He shares a house with 3 Muslim jazz musicians. So we're having hamd and challah french toast with bacon for him. :) That's the only rule they have in the house, no pork.

    My husband's co-manager is Muslim and he asked her how her kids are getting along with all the xmas overload (they've been here just a few months) and she said her kids felt sorry for the American classmates. "They only get ONE DAY to celebrate?"

    It was easy for me to wrap my head around that concept as I lived one time in a primarily Jewish area and I started wondering why my family didn't celebrate for EIGHT days :) I think Ramadan is an entire month.

    Farf, Mason is a cutie patootie! I can't begin to imagine his life if he didn't have you around. He'd be like a seashell in the surf. xoxo

    All the truffles are gone. They didn't make it to Friday. How'd that happen? :/

  8. Andi, I took Shinobi for her first walk around the block - which runs along a major thoroughfare - and people thought she was a young black lab. Stopped for one old man to pet her and she saw and put up her paw to shake and that's when he saw her white rimmed eyes and old lady goatee. He coudln't beleive she was eleven. I felt like Spinal Tap, "Yup, she's all they way up to eleven" :D

    Can still see some of the patchwork on her behind but her hair is mostly grown back. Very springy step she has. Nose held high. The old girl has got several years left methinks. :)

    Thanks for helping me get through that rough spot. I know people think we're crazy for spending so much on her... but it was a life we could save and she's not in pain or has any cancer... I just couldn't see putting her down due to bills. After so much death this year, we had to hang on to life.

    And Dylan's too. How CUHrazy was that?? Getting a cat just like that.

  9. Hi Nicky, Lisa, Farf, Maria, Dina, Beth, and Janet. Really busy today so just dropping by. See ya all later.

  10. Halloooooo!

    More snow here. Yay! Realized the new book needs an outline before I move forward further, which requires me to know what the plot looks like in fine grain. Off to play with the microscope.