Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wild Curls

Taken December 6, 2010.

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  1. For the first time since 1638, a lunar eclipse occurred on the winter solstice. Did any one you get to see it?

    It was snowing here so we had no chance to see it (but at least I didn't need to try to stay up for it).

    Happy Days Start Getting Light Earlier Day to you all.

  2. The big honking spikes/thorns on the tree/vine caught my eyes more than the curls. Dangerous forest.

    Didn't rush out in my jammies and look. Saw an eclipse a while back so guess my wonder wasn't so strong. Longer Days!!!!WooHoo.
    60 right now and supposed to get up to 78. Not feeling much like Winter or Christmas.

    Fun to live vicariously with Mason. Melt the hearts of many women.

    I got my first request for a look see at my story. WooHoo. Agent that I met in California at a workshop. The deal is they offer to look at your work after the workshop. We'll see if anything goes from there. Wonderful to feel wanted. Had gotten three rejections in the last two weeks. So plenty of balance here.

    My brother wants me to read his resume and comment. Be kind he said. I'd just gotten my latest rejection and laughed. Gotta get a thinker skin if you're going to survive these times.

    Janet, I'm waiting for Thursday to make the Mayan Snickerdoodles--for the very reason,that I want to have some at least close to Christmas.

    Maria, hope next week off will work out for you.

    Beth, sounds like things are settling in. Thinking you better like sun in Arz.

    Kelly, I'm twisting the focus knob on my microscope to find my story's details too. Here's hoping we both discover it soon.

    Jim, may your day at work go fast and Andi,pat the pups for me.

    Waves to all to come.

  3. Lisa my day is actually starting a little slow, YA2HD.

  4. Oh yeah, thorn!! The picture makes me think of green things...memories of spring.

    Cloudy here, so I missed the eclipse too. Calling for 69 and rain today - fingers crossed! Although I have to admit, a few snowflakes would make it feel more Christmassy.

    Shortest day of the year - I always looked forward to it up north, because it meant the light would start returning. Not quite the same impact down here.

    Woo hoo about the look-see, Lisa! Fingers crossed. The rejection part of this business makes me think Jen has the right idea, write for yourself and not try to sell it. But seeing Kelly's and Nancy's and Maria's success gives me hope. Hope it goes well!

    Off to do something productive. Happy Solstice!

  5. Which goes to show… even thorns can have bed hair!

    Lisa, last night Mason decided he wanted a tangelo. NOW. He gnawed through the rind on one while I was peeling another, and ended up eating them both. Those carbs get him through his busy days, but a little fat would be good for him too… he's still 22 pounds!

    Beth, I think you'll have to go to Flagstaff to see snow. I always figured if I lived in AZ, I'd want to live in Flagstaff in summer and Phoenix in winter.

    Agree with writing for yourself… I like the new meme going around Twitter, "indie author." It's kind of like being an indie musician. The way I look at it, I have better things to do than run the artificial gauntlet of a severely ill (if not dying) industry… like raising a grandkid and doing some, you know, writing at odd moments. By the time I finish the rewrites, I might think different… but right now, I'm in "let the mountain come to Mohammed" mode.

    Bottom of the year, hooray! Missed the eclipse, it was a little too far into the night & the clouds were untrustworthy anyway. Oh well, there will be others, Lord willing.

    Happy Chrismahanukwanzikah to all!

  6. ::raises hand:: I saw part of the eclipse!! Was up and down all night so hey, some use out of insomnia. :)

    Wishing you all a Cool Yule!!

  7. It's a greenbrier, Lisa -- meanest plant in the forest. Good luck with the agent!

    And good luck with the rain, Beth. Or maybe I should wish you a drive to Flagstaff and the Snowbowl. With a stop at Macy's for some goodies.

    You wouldn't have to go all the way to Phoenix to escape the snow, Farf. Just drive about an hour and drop off the Mogollon Rim and you're back into warm weather. Happy bunch of holidays to you. :)

    Oh Maria, jealous, jealous, jealous (tho sorry about insomnia).