Friday, December 17, 2010

A Whiter Shade of Sepia

Taken December 8, 2010.

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  1. Quiet forest--ahhhh.

    Nicky, Wave on my wall--How fun for your grandson. I'd be dreaming of surfing and scuba diving and building castles in the sand. Great granny be you.

    Farf, Major CyberHugs!!!
    Holidays + getting hit + finishing story = pour a stiff one and retreat to cave with good book to read.

    Maria, enjoy your weekend festivities and friends.

    Beth, good to explore and experience the new home. Thinking there'll be some football for you this weekend.

    Last day before the holiday--WooHoo. Made killer chicken pot pie last night--Yum comfort food.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Dreaming of oceans - interesting point, Lisa. Maybe we should think about how we decorate our sleeping spaces...the power of suggestion.

    Chicken pot pie - YUM! Any chance of sharing a recipe? And yes indeed, football Sunday!

    Yep, hugs all around to Farf - hate hate hate driving on icy roads. If the snow would just stay off the roads and sidewalks, I'd live in winter worlds again.

    Still plugging away at lists. Hoping to decorate the tree today, but I'll need more egg nog!

    Have a great Friday, everyone. Weekend ho!

  3. A dusting of white turned into a bit more of the pretty snow. My pictures from yesterday & today.

    Lisa, woohoo to last day!!

    Beth, glad you're doing well!

    Farf. YIKES x100000. Stay warm and safe, 'k?

    Happy Friday to all!

  4. Heehee, love the title. Did the pic turn out that way, or did you help it?

    Thanks everyone for the well-wishes & suggestions. It warmed up quite nicely yesterday afternoon, so all the frozen stuff is gone… although that's not stopping people from going 25 in a 55 zone. :-P I had to drop off Lobster on my way to work (long-time TFM readers will remember Lobster) this morning & we got behind one of those. Passed her (on the right, she didn't move over of course) when the passing lane opened up.

    "She's a smokin' hot girl!" Lobster said.

    "She'll be smokin' hot once I set her on fire," sez I. He laughed.

    Lisa, I'd LOVE to retreat to a cave for a while, as long as it was a warm cave.

    Yup, Beth (from yesterday), I'm kind of used to other people's actions somehow becoming my problem. It happens all too often. :D

    Maria, warm & safe is the plan!

    I dropped a piece of flash fiction on my blog this morning (for Twitter #FridayFlash) if anyone wants a quick read (what if only middle-aged men could get the ladeez preggers? not as "fun" as you might think). And there's a pic of the aftermath of the rear-ender in the previous post.

    Well, this manual ain't writing itself…

  5. Jim is jealous, Lisa -- he has to go to school (weather permitting) through Wednesday. But we both hope you enjoy the long break.

    Or just skip the egg nog, Beth, and go straight to booze. :)

    My sister didn't find that snow too pretty -- it caused her flight from NYC to DC to get cancelled and then she actually had to go from JFK to LaGuardia to get a flight home. OTOH, she did -- finally -- get home, so I guess it's pretty now. ;)

    That's the actual color, Farf -- it's what happens when very cold air, a just over-the-horizon sun, and thick frost on trees meet.

  6. Hi,all. Farf, so sorry to hear about the accident but glad that you seem OK. Watch it though - some of those symptoms take a while to develop.

    We seem to be dodging the snow though I hear it may come on Monday. Right now I am enjoying being home for the weekend and trying NOT to nap after my straps class because I really hope to sleep tonight.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Hi Dina. Night, Dina.

    Night everybody.