Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waves Out of Time

Taken December 21, 2010.

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  1. There's enough white all around me so I thought I'd vanquish the VGW. First day of Jim's vacation and we slept in! All the way to 6:30 a.m. Amazing.

  2. Yeah, Pups. Letting Mom and Dad get some extra sleep. WooHoo, Jim and Vacation.

    Frozen water beautiful but glad I'm down here in the 40s with highs in the 50s. Winter Wimp and the winter thing just got started.

    Bought some live Basil yesterday at Sprouts. Wish I had a good sunny window to put it in, but will cook up wonderful. Smelled fantastic in the car. Traditional turkey for Christmas (got it cheap) but lasagna for tonight or tomorrow. Feeling Italian.

    Sonboy comes in tonight.
    Cleaning and finishing up shopping today.

    Waves and Thursday Winking at Friday for All.

  3. Yay for sleeping in! And what a cool picture. Your eye never ceases to amaze me, andi. Thanks for starting my day with beauty, every day.

    Huge rain here last night - and some thunder and lightning, even. The sky is clear this morning, but I have the memory of the sound of the deluge pounding on the roof and cascading off the eaves. Just love it when Ma Nature does her thing. Especially in the desert.

    Nothing like fresh basil, Lisa - enjoy the smell AND the taste! Makes me want to go get some...

    A quick spin around a couple of malls this morning to look at the decorations, then home to work and avoid the crowds.

    Farf, big hugs when you arrive - saw your post at your place. I'm amazed at your patience - I'd have smacked them all long ago.

    Check out my place tomorrow - I'm famous! (Well, sorta.)

    Happy day, everyone. Enjoy the season and the carols and the good stuff about the holiday.

  4. Morning, gang!!

    Andi, what a gorgeous picture!!!

    Came into work today bearing chocolate cake. Our brilliant receptionist bought some Moet to toast in the holiday. A few moments ago, I enjoyed chomping down on a Stormtrooper's head (sugar cookie).


    Looking forward to my own staycation next week. Though I have no contracted writing projects due, I hope to work on some fun stuff.

    Happy Eve Eve!!

  5. Morning! Bubbles frozen in time… or it is so cold up there that time itself is frozen? We're finally getting a little sun and not-so-cold here; I took Mason for a stroll for the first time in about a month yesterday afternoon.

    Beth, what I posted is exactly why I didn't drop by yesterday. Whole lotta suckage going on, and I had to get this manual banged out (and succeeded, somehow).

    Maria, champaign and cookies sound like the perfect way to kick off Virtual Friday. I have one of those myself today, and will be off all next week (like you, a staycation). Hoping to get some yard work done and a winter garden started.

    Off to fix a couple pagination issues with this manual, then I throw it to the wolves and call it a year!

  6. I'd love to have a herb garden, Lisa. I think about doing that all the time -- maybe we can inspire each to try it this spring.

    Is it tomorrow yet? I can't wait to see Famous Beth. :)

    Moet at work -- sounds like a good reason to love work, Maria.

    Oh Farf, I wish I knew what to say -- I guess there's nothing but you have all my sympathies and I dearly hope that you have a peaceful and lovely Christmas.

  7. Andi, a lot of herbs are perennials. Plant, fertilize, clip. Anyway, Mason and I had a nice quiet evening at the manor. Well, it was quiet once he ate enough to be not pissed off at the world anyway. :)

    I don't know if you guys have seen this pics… I use the dough cycle on the bread machine, and I started to do weird things with that tablespoon of dough left when dumping it into a pan. I've been using Tumblr to upload cellphone pics; here's a couple examples:

    Marked with an M (for Mason) — can you tell I got a little punchy after hearing the pattycake rhyme a few times too many?

    Star of Bethlehem (or a dragonfly if you prefer) — Mrs. Fetched thought it was cute either way.

    Just a little silliness for Virtual Friday…

  8. The bread pictures are nice, Farf, but the picture of Mason and the "flower fairy" is adorable.