Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Snowed-in in IN

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Snow Day
by Kim May

I sit in bed
A computer in my lap
Every five minutes, checking a weather map

They said it would snow
It will happen overnight
But I'll stay up longer even if before snow comes light

All I want is a long lazy snow day
It's 12a.m and schools are already delayed

But where is the snow?
What do meteorologists know?

I'm burned out, stressed out
All I think about is school
Assignment upon's hard to stay cool

You don't know how much I want this
My pj's are inside out!
There's leftover snow on the ground...
But a snow day I'm starting to doubt

I'm feel my sleep time diminishing
But I won't sleep without finishing

My lookout for snow
Anticipation has grown

It's at it's fullest
My eyelids at their heaviest

I want to wake up with thirty inches of snow
I want a ton of texts saying: ALL SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED

I want a level three snowstorm
Keep everyone in

Snow days are nice
'cause everyone wins.


  1. I'll take my no snow days right now.
    Jim, Working until Weds--Major Cyberhugs to You.

    I've started relaxation time before the cleaning and cooking flurry this next week.

    Gotta go do a bit of story work before all the critters are stirring though this morning.

    A relaxing, safe Sunday to All.

  2. Working, yes; teaching, probably not so much. Six of our 85 kiddos are already on vacation physically. 79 others are mentally.

  3. Popping in for a quick "howdy" before I crawl back into bed.

    My darling friend & I stayed up WAAAAAY too late both Fri/Sat. We totally missed both Xmas parties due to chatting/watching Glee/just enjoying each other's company. I see her FAR too rarely.

    She had to leave first thing this a.m. (by that I mean by 7:15) so she could ring in her bell choir. She lives about 2 hrs from here.

    Am sad to see her go. She's one of the few people with whom I can sit in silence with.

    Happy Sunday to all!!

  4. All the stuff we got last week has long since melted. Oh well. It took me a minute to realize that was snow blown onto a screen, cool image and one I haven't seen in a long time.

    Lisa, Jim, good luck with the wind-down. Maybe get 'em to write an essay about what they're going to do while they're off?

    Maria, I hope your friend can still ring her bell at the right moment(s) with sleep deprivation. I know what you mean about sitting in silence… I can do that with my dad. It means you know each other so well you don't need words.

    Mason's cruising the living room with a pilfered tree ornament. If I'd been the one in charge, I'd have gone with a smaller tree on a tall table that the kids can't quite reach yet. Oh well. Beth, sorry to hear your tree fell over & you lost some ornaments. ISTR having to guy a tree to the wall one year before we got the fake tree.

    Need breakfast & something, not sure what just yet. Guess I need to go find out!

  5. The fake tree lasted 20 minutes before Moonya started to fillet it.

    Dylan just likes to lay under it and day dream.

    Moonya right now is trying to undo all that I've redone since getting up and twisting and reapplying the twigs. It totally sucks and is kinda depressing.

    Decided not to put up ornaments on it and just place tons of candy canes all over it so that it's not a huge catfight. But... I'm already tired of the "war".

    Glad you're okay Farf. Doesn't take ice for the idiots to make their presence known around here. Had a close call this weekend from a minivan being driven by a cellphone yakker.

    Watched Murder By Death again this weekend :) though of you guys.

    Made the truffles but they didn't set up like they should. I think Danni didn't cook the mixture long enough or something. But it's gooey gunk like from the inside of a candy bar so no one is too upset :)

    Conpany xmas party was pretty good. Closed down a bowling alley "Big Als" with an arcade and bar. Families had a blast. Haven't been able to have a party since Whole Frauds starting sueing small companies and co-ops for inside info. Grrr.

    This is hell week for retail. Not as bad as Turkey Day as we are grocery but people are stressing out hardcore this week. Not much "christmas spirit" unless that's what crankiness, rudeness and arseholliness is all about :) But I did have a lady, an RN, insist on talking to my store manager about how incredible I always seem to be no matter how crazy the day is. Suhweet!

    Bring on the mimes!

  6. OH Lisa, if you are going to make the Mayan Snickerdoodles, you can sub vanilla extract for the chocolate extract - however it really sends it over the top. Just make sure the vanilla is the good stuff. Pure vanilla does indeed make a huge diff.

    Can use chipotle powder instead of cayenne, too.

    No one can tell they're vegan or non-dairy untill you tell em. :)

  7. Morning, all! Relaxing Sunday sounds good, Lisa. Not sure what we're doing today. I believe a hike up Shaw Butte to see the Christmas Cactus (a saguaro decorated with ornaments by locals, I think) this afternoon. Football. Continuing to hack away at The List.

    I thought about tying the tree, Farf, but there's just a mirror behind it. So far it's survived its reincarnation.

    No cookies around here, but they sure do sound good!

    And the poem's cute - took me a minute to figure out the picture, too!

    Stay warm and safe today, y'all. Enjoy the season!

  8. Hi, all. Gray day here but no snow.

    Good Sunday to everyone.

  9. Busy day: school work, skating, & grocery. Hoping to wind down after Wednesday.