Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post


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by Carl Sandburg

From the time of the early radishes
To the time of the standing corn
Sleepy Henry Hackerman hoes.

There are laws in the village against weeds.
The law says a weed is wrong and shall be killed.
The weeds say life is a white and lovely thing
And the weeds come on and on in irrepressible regiments.
Sleepy Henry Hackerman hoes; and the village law uttering a ban on weeds is unchangeable law.


  1. It's up to Indianapolis today for Hanukkah with the family. The "Snonorah" link takes you to a YouTube page with a Hip Hop Hanukkah song.

    Hope you have a good one today.

  2. Jim, Love the Snonorah. I love menorahs and the idea of lighting candles and the flickering flame.

    You and Andi have a great day with the Fam.

    Maria, hope the words are a flowing.

    Beth, Around the world Mugs--That is a collection I would be sad to lose.

    Farf, Mason is keeping ya young.

    Mary, hope the sun shines away the gray gloom soon.

    Worked yesterday at school to be prepared for Staff Development off campus Monday and Tuesday. Got an hour or so to do at school today. More work to be gone than to be there sometimes. Beautiful here, no snow and no gray.

    Relaxing Sunday to all that can.

  3. Very cool picture! Constantly amazed at the things you see in your woods...

    Hoping they're not lost, Lisa, but am not overly optimistic. This moving company was a challenge, to say it nicely.

    Too early to know what the day brings. Off to find coffee. Waving to all who follow. Peaceful Sunday.

  4. Out.

    18,834 words yesterday, including those brilliant words: THE END!!!

    Today. REST. RELAX. READ. TV.

    She of numb brain

  5. Congratulations to Ms Maria! Can't wait to read the new book :)

    Enjoy Hanukkah, Jim and Andi. And Lisa, I am with you on the love of the Menorah. I light it in the kitchen, turn off the lights and watch the candles play.

    Beth, hope you find the coffee along with everything else you need.

    Enjoy the day, all.

  6. Jim, that is a fantastic photo. The weed's 'arms' look so delicate. (Is it pre or post?)

    Hope you and Andi are having a great celebration with the family. xo

  7. How cool, snonorah! We had a couple dozen flakes, which counts as "snow" on Planet Georgia. One of my Twitter buds said the thing she doesn't miss about her old 'hood was the huge menorahs on top of minivans and station wagons. Yeesh!

    Mason's finally gone nappin' — second day in a row it's him & me. I guess it beats being in the chicken houses all day (like Mrs. F, The Boy, M.A.E., and anyone else she can shanghai). Now to get a little writing done. Yeah, Lisa, that's about right, he keeps me young. Except when I have to swat him for premeditated badness.

    Beth, here's hoping you find all your boxes… contents intact would be best.

    Maria, that's some freekin' awesome output! Is your muse taking lessons from Olga?

    Hello to Dina and Candis… and now I'm off to my own weird little world for a while.

  8. Hi all. Andi's back from Indianapolis. I decided it would not be nice to give everyone my cold as a Hanukkah present. I spent the day doing school work.

    Lisa, last time I checked in on the Colts / Cowboys game, Texas must be happy.

    Beth, best wishes on your mover's mug search.

    Yippie, Maria!!

    O, it's post. The auto ISO is becoming one of my favorite features. Combine that with low noise pictures at ISO 3200 and I'm getting shots that I wouldn't have even bothered taking before.

    Farf, hope you had a good day in your weird little world.

    Back to grading & lessons.

  9. Damn! I thought it was called, "Weed" oh well :)

    Doing okay here, my doctor called first thing Friday morning with news that the biopsy results came back benign which is great news!! But I've been out of the loop because that and what transpired at the visist really set me back a bit. I still have to go in for bloodwork (fasting) and some major work up that will not be covered by next year so have to have it done this year... insurance agencies, gotta hate em.

    Beautiful snow pictures!

  10. Janet, glad to hear that you got a good report card. Sorry about the insurance company hassle.