Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Streaking Away From Dawn

Taken November 21, 2010.

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  1. Don't think I'm streaking anywhere. Long week and it's only Weds. Training went fine, just a long day.
    School didn't fair so well. Kiddos not controlling behavior so over ten suspensions and a couple are up for expulsion after continued disruptive behavior over a while.
    May make for a quieter day today.

    Farf, Plenty of death and negative to go around. Cyberhugs to you. Being mindful and appreciating today is so important.

    Maria, hope today is a better day for you.

    Beth, soak up that sun.

    Waves to All. Wonderful Weds.

  2. I saw dawn arrive today...not by choice, but by necessity. Had to get up early to move my car, as the apt building is re-asphalting the section of parking lot I was in. Oh well.

    Of the good, I discovered why I'd been feeling so off--turns out, I had a really tough CRAFT moment this week and did NOT put my anti-depressant med into the daily pill case thingie. I take vitamins in the a.m. along with that med, and never saw that the pill wasn't there. Day 1 without is usually meh, Day 2 (yesterday) falls right into feeling like crap.

    Didn't realize it until this morning, which meant another bizarre night of sleeping with strange unsettling dreams plus bonus!Nausea. Sigh.

    Will soon be back on track.

    To Janet, re: gluten/stress - I don't doubt the insomnia was due to medication withdrawal with added massive stress release re: finishing book 5. I am actually doing a gluten-reduced diet these days, and I do feel tons better (normally!)

    V. glad week is nearly over. This weekend: reading! w00t!!!

    Wishing you all a better Weds. because Tuesday sure did seem to suck.

  3. I don't see any streakers!

    Lisa, I wish I could go away for a day & come back to find my troublemakers are suspended or expelled from the manor. (Although Snippet could meet the latter, and will if I have any say.)

    Maria, suxx about missing the meds. Hope you get your keel righted quickly.

    Granny's funeral is tomorrow, in Rome (GA). I won't have much (if any) internet access, so just assume you won't see me tomorrow morning. I'll be expected to interact with the family most of the time anyway, so even if I did have 'net I wouldn't get to use it much. iPod & Kindle will fill in bored moments.

    OK, mimes are yapping… later!

  4. Poor Maria! That sounds awful! Hope you're back on track soon. GF diet is really hard to do, but many I know who are on it swear by it. Good luck.

    ((Farf))) hang in there.

    Hey writers, I heard about this site called it's for teen writers. Supposed to be a new way to share stories and for publishers to pursue the good writers. Anyone hear of it?

    Gotta get husband off to the doctors for his colonoscopy. And off to the mimes so I can pay my share of taxes aka investment in my country so that rich jerks don't have to pay their fair share. Blech.

  5. Janet: publishers to pursue the good writers

    Just, no. Publishers have no time to troll the Internets. I don't know anything specific about that site, but I question any site that promises publishers will be looking for new talent from. That's totally bogus, IMHO.

    Best luck to hubster on the colonoscopy - the procedure is painless. It's the prep that sucks big ones!! ;)


  6. Thanks Maria. I think the site would be great for the teen writers to get ideas and share but no big dreams of being "discovered". Danni's worry was what was to prevent someone from taking something she wrote there.

    As to the prep work, it doesn't suck. From what I gather... it BLOWS :) Poor guy was up at 4am drinking the miralax concoction and didn't get back to bed at all.

  7. Hugs and sympathy to all the sufferers, I'm so sorry yesterday was a bad one. I'm quite chirpy today (fingers crossed) and did a talk this morning to a group of lovely ladies in aid of the mayor's charities. This is the 811th Mayor of Winchester, no less! The city is chock-full of history, perfect for a history buff like me. The talk was here:
    which is the Mayor's Official Residence. It was splendid and just to be there was an honour. (I'm now far too puffed up and full of myself to cook dinner, so Husband is going to do it instead!)

    Hope today has been a better one all round.

  8. Sorry your Tuesdays sucked. Bad vibes abound. Hopefully your today is a ton better! Mine was work and cheap spaghetti dinner, and to bed early - not earth-shattering, but better than lots of options.

    Sun is out there. Work has slowed for a bit, so I can run out for groceries. Then I HAVE to get back to unpacking, to look for the missing box and file a claim.

    Nicky, yay for hubby cooking! And congrats on the talk - wish I could have heard it. Hugs for the funeral, Farf, and supporting the fam.

    Missed dawn this morning, so am enjoying andi's. Have a great hump day, all.

  9. Here's hoping that everybody get over the hump and has a much better remainder of the week (well Nicky can have an even better rest of the week).

    It was 8 degrees when I got up this morning. That's just a bit too much winter for me -- especially when it isn't even winter yet.

  10. I hope:
    Wednesday is better than Tuesday.
    Head colds die and burn in Hell.
    Kids learn.
    Everyone sleeps until the alarm goes off & wakes rested and refreshed.
    Some politicians grow a pair.