Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still Burning Off the Fog

Taken November 20, 2010.

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  1. Feeling foggy after a very long day and way too short night.

    Training was/is good but the hotel is 45 minutes to an hour away depending on traffic. And we are packed in the room like sardines. My turn to drive today--ugh.

    Dining room looks like a holiday explosion as a tub missing so all of fall can't be put away and Christmas has been finished. Daughter will hopefully work on that more this week.

    Hubby had interview for new job yesterday and things look good. He has to have a background check and a drug test, then they can make him an offer. Likely training will start early Jan. WooHoo--two paychecks.

    Got to get ready for the mimes. Need to plug in info for 5 new kiddos that will show up today. Then start my engine for the trek north. Would much rather be walking with the pack.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Lisa, here's hoping the job works out. And that the drive is good.

    Good Tuesday to all!

  3. ::claws at fog:: Oh, wait, it's in my brain.

    Insomnia night paired with hives, followed by weird Benadryl-induced dreams. Sigh.

    Lisa, best to hubster & potential job & sending you good vibes for today.

    I'm just hoping to make it through the day without doing something brainless.

    Later, gators!

  4. Headcold, go AWAY. My nose approves this message.

    Yesterday was an 11 on the Suck Scale. Mrs. Fetched's granny died, Snippet is pissed because I tried to knock her paranoia issues off her pedestal, DD is home but bummed out because someone she knows at college (her roomie's boyfriends brother) was killed in a car accident (and one of her profs's mother died over the weekend). So much death, all at once.

    Sorry to dump on y'all, but I had to say it somewhere.

  5. {{{{{{{Farf}}}}}}}

    Sorry your Monday sucks.

  6. Ditto on the hugs, Farf. Hope some light seeps into your day.

    And here's to feeling better, Maria.

    Send the fog this way, andi, and I'll return a bucketload of sunshine. Sounds like Lisa is experiencing your (oops, I've forgotten the letters) BCROD?

    Fingers and toes crossed over Hubby's job, Lisa! Maybe your missing tub has run off with my MIA box.

    Off to the library for another work day. Cell signal isn't strong enough here in the condo to use my air card effectively, sigh. Guess I should bite the bullet and get real internet...

    Waving to all who follow!

  7. Hope your fog has all burned off, Lisa. And fingers crossed that everything goes great for hubby!

    Howdy, Dina. It's a good and cold Tuesday here.

    If you're brainless, Maria, you should write a zombie story while you can feel completely empathetic. ;)

    Wow, Farf, what a lot of sad news. So sorry.

    Yep, Beth -- BCROD (beige conference room of death). Fog is long gone and we've got (icy) blue skies and (cold) sunshine.

  8. Liquid sunshine. And Oregonians don't use umbrellas.

    Sorry to hear about all the loss Farf.

    Maria, hives and insomnia. Sounds like stress. Have you tried yoga or going glutein free? Yoga can help alleviate stress and GF can help with a ton of ailments. But it's a super hard diet to be on. Coworker had "hives" but it was actually eczema that came out bad at night and was a symptom of her stress load. She found out that GF also took care of her headaches and lack of energy.

    This Saturday, we're going to the Winter Hawks Teddy Bear Toss. That's the local hockey team and the bears are thrown onto the ice after their first goal and those are given to first response teams of domestic violence and children's hospitals. Last year, we went with our dear friend Oleg. It was a blast. But it was our last game with him as he died this year from undiagnosed heart disease. So we're going to go to this as a memorial to him.

    I'm just baffled. Tax cut for the elite 2% while unemployment benefits get cut and the middle class get taxed. Great idea! Not. Betrayal of the masses usually doesn't bode well in the long run.

    Good news is that my brother finally gets his healthcare package from work! :) He has asthma and never had insurance. Service industry all these years. So he's super stoked. I read this week that 60 million American workers don't have sick leave. That's terrorism. Or slave labor at best.

    Need to get ready for the mimes. Partner has begun his liquid diet and cleansing. Already he's complaining. I think my brother is going to come over and make him broth and watch Inception with him or play Wii sports with him.

    But I'm outta here before the you know what hits the fan :)

  9. aw Farf, sorry to hear all that bad news.

    I love this pic. It belongs on the cover of a book. A scary book.

  10. So sorry to hear about all the bad news. Hugs to everyone whether they need it or not!