Thursday, December 16, 2010

Portrait of the Photographer as a Young Bubble

Taken , 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night

    Hi b2!

    Beth, I'll be happy to tell you where to go -- but nicely. (I forgot to mention Montenzuma's Well -- just as wrongly named as Montezuma's Castle -- which is near M.C.)

    ... back to today.

    More snow. Jim's school is closed. At this rate, he'll be doing making up days till the 4th of July.

  2. You do find such interesting details and I love the creativity in your morning treats to us, Andi.

    Jim, I hated losing days before Christmas. Our worst weather doesn't come till later so hate having to make up those days. Hope you have plenty of good books to read while staying toasty.

    Waves to Jen and B and all that came yesterday and today.

    We are having our holiday spread at lunch today.
    Maria, hope your company get together went well and you enjoy the ones with friends this weekend.

    Thursday Winking At Friday.

  3. We just have bone-chilling cold, melted and hard frozen black ice, and no more snow. Me staying home with a huge pile of project papers to grade -- I'd rather be napping. My sympathies to Jim. A snow day late in February feels good, not so much now.

  4. ANDI! Love the bubble--such tension & beauty.

    Working @ the mimes from home today. Decided to stay in and be warm instead of facing the chilling winds outside. Expecting 1-2" of snow today. Bah humbug!

    JEN!!!!!! I am just now catching up on yesterday's posts (e.g., really reading). SO good to see you.

    I'm VERY glad it's my Friday and that I'm able to do work at home today. Very much looking forward to a festive weekend.

    Bundle up, you all!

  5. Dampish here today but more snow threatened in the north. I've spent the morning painting a giant surf wave on No.1 grandson's bedroom wall, so my 'canvas' is about 10' x 8'. Looks OK so far, the basic wave is on there, but I've stopped for today as my formerly frozen shoulder doesn't like too much reaching up. Tomorrow I'm going to add more colour and some foam and spray!
    It's great fun and I'm hoping Oz will like it. (As his mum says: other grandmas knit!)

  6. Glad to hear everyone's doing well… it took me a blistering 5 hours to get home from work last night. To kick it off, I got rear-ended about a mile from the office (minor damage), roads got seriously icy close to home. Sat for several hours behind two separate incidents; at the second one, I was parked on a skating rink (Zamboni not required). Crawled toward home until the last few miles, when the salt truck went around me (hooray!).

    Working at home today, even though the roads are at least salted if not clear. Gotta get the insurance d00d out to look at my car, but otherwise I'd prefer to be a bear and hibernate the winter away. Or maybe I'm just suffering the literary equivalent of post-partum depression, having mostly finished White Pickups (I do need to flesh out the end a bit though).

    Sorry to be a downer, I'll be better tomorrow. Later!

  7. Oh, Farf, you poor dear. Sending a damp hug and commiserations. Snow further north in the UK but raining here, so I'm praying it goes away.

  8. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

    Rotten weather everywhere! Staying home, warm and safe, sounds like the best plan, everyone. It's raining here, so I'm thrilled! And want to go play in it, but I'm not sure how good the AZ drivers are at negotiating wet roads. So we'll see.

    I'll pick your brain soon, andi! Looked up both of those places and they sound wonderful. After the holidays.

    What talent, Nicky! Writing AND painting! But no knitting...KB will be disappointed. :-) Sounds like fun!

    Argh, Farf. One person's actions leave YOU with a mess to clean up. Home and safe, home and safe...good luck with all of that.

    Off to go play in the rain. I wonder if students have rain days in AZ....?

  9. Jim and Sniff had a nice nap on the couch together, Lisa, so he stayed very toasty. :)

    We've actually warmed up a bit from our single-digit temps (all the way to the 20s!), KS, so I guess that part was good. Hope you get some warming soon.

    And here I thought, Maria, that all the beauty was the reflection of me in it. :D

    We'll be needing a picture of your masterpiece when it's through, Nicky.

    Damn Farf, what a complete bummer. Indulge in it being a downer all you want -- we can take it and its good for your soul.

    Funny to think of people not knowing how to drive on wet roads, Beth, but you're probably right that they don't get a lot of practice -- though they do have some pretty incredible "monsoons" in the desert southwest.

  10. Drive by hi to all! Cold here but so far no snow.