Thursday, December 30, 2010

Over Look

Taken December 21, 2010.

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  1. Andi, love the snow fix, without the snow.

    Trip was great. Quiet and relaxing. No cows or other critters. Just me and Atticus lazing about.
    Got home just in time to have daughter need to take my vehicle to work while her's gets a check up. Sigh.

    So will spend a day at home reading and hanging out.

    Waves to All.

  2. Reading and hanging out sounds perfect - enforced laziness. Enjoy the quiet time, Lisa!

    I'm guessing if it's been raining, the landscape might look a wee bit different now, andi...? Rained here all day yesterday - hoping for the same today. Crazy weather this week!

    Hope everyone's enjoying the holidays...

  3. I left you a comment… but Blogger eated it. Nothing important, just saying hi!

  4. Very pretty.

    Starting to feel like I survived the holidaze. Which means it will soon be 2011 and we'll be going back to a normal travel schedule. St. Louis, Jacksonville, and Oxford are on deck so far. I've got mixed feelings about that. It's been awfully nice to gather moss for a year but also more than a little unnatural.

    Hope everyone else survived the holidays too.


  5. Figures I'm now in AZ and Kelly's going to Jax - St. Augustine is 22 miles away. I could have met another blog buddy! Sigh. Guess I'll have to get myself up to the Frozen North (well, when it's not frozen) to continue my "meet the blog buddies" tour! Congrats on surviving the 'daze, Kelly!

    And boo to hungry Blogger, Farf!

  6. A lovely late, lie-in morning to you all!! Loved my offline day - I think my body took it literally and I spent the day mostly napping. :)

    Today, I had a lie-in. Yes, indeedy, catching up on sleep, I suppose. It's lovely to just have days of leisure! Too bad I can't get paid to do this. Hee!

    Weather is warming up here. A balmy 48 today and maybe 50 tomorrow! Strangeness, as per usual for 2010 weather.

    Just updated my blog with reflections on 2010 and some thoughts ahead to 2011.

    I'm contemplating writing proposals today...and perhaps, plotting out the short story I want to submit to the MWA anthology (due 3/11).

    Cheers and happy New Year's Eve Eve to all!

  7. Quiet time with just a doggy for company -- sounds very relaxing, Lisa ... unless the doggy is Bebo who thinks that sitting still for more than 30 minutes is some kind of torture.

    It's foggy and mushy here, Beth. And underneath the mush is still frozen ground so it's kind of tricky walking.

    I've come to the point with air travel that if I can't drive there, I don't want to go so I'm really sympathetic about all those trips, Kelly.

    Off to read your blog, Maria. Sound likes the staycation is going really well.

  8. yawn. I spent the day in my sweats reading and napping and working on some projects I've been wanting to work on and am now grumpy that I have to get dressed to go over to a friend's house.

    Lovely picture Andi. I love snow scenes, they seem so peaceful. I especially love them when I'm not in them in traffic :) All of our snow has melted. It drizzled all day yesterday and warmed up and the fog was as think as pea soup last night! Which is also quite cool, but less photogenic.