Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Outlining Your Story

Taken November 28, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Hi Janet. Watch out for tho_xcvsufsd_se paws. :)

    ... back to today.

    OMFSM, it's 6° out. Meet ya'll at the wood stove.

  2. Love the colors and shape, Andi.

    Stay warm and safe, Andi, Jim and all others with snow and blustery winds.

    Conservatory sounds so much nicer than the den or living room and I love your gardening skills, Nicky. I'm listening to an Agatha Raisin mystery in my car and it makes me think of you.

    Beth, good for you to survive another hike.

    Maria, doing little is fabulous this time of year. Cover up and read or watch a bit of tv and snuggle with Kit. Life doesn't get better.

    Waving to Nancy, Farf, Dina, Janet and all others that follow.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  3. That's just wrong, andi. I'm right there at the wood stove with you! And the pack, of course.

    Doing nothing DOES sound wonderful, Lisa. Not sure when I'll be doing that...

    Crazy weather out there! And it's still a week until winter. Maybe it'll end early, since it's started that way. Come on down here to thaw out!

    Love the colors in that picture, andi. And the frosty edges. My story today is working, trying to catch up from not working for the last 4 days. And maybe a hot tub, to soak weary bones.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone! See y'all later!

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  5. (That was me^.)

    Uh, Andi? Your leaf has holes in it.

  6. Uh Nancy? Better my leaf than your plot. :P

  7. All warm and safe, Lisa. No worries. :)

    I'd give the hot tub the highest priority, Beth.

  8. Beautiful photograph! Decaying Radiance.

    Went back to bed after the kids took off to their schools/programs. Awakened to two cats sleeping on me right side.

    We're thinking Dylan may be a runt Maine Coon with a bentish tail. Possible a breeder dropped him off due to his size or "imperfection".

    Didja know that 25% of all dogs in shelters are purebreeds with slight imperfections? Humans can really suck.

    Supposed to snow here by next week. I like the Maritine weather here. None of any of it lasts too long.

    Decided on the baking list so as not to stress:

    Groovy (marble-ized green dough) Shortbread Xmas Trees w/pwd sugar glaze piped on them.
    Mayan Chocolate Snickerdoodles
    Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
    Kahlua & Espresso Truffles
    Peanut Butter Milk Choc Truffles *

    * Danni is going to make them all by herself

    Plus I'm going to make some incredible hot chocolate for all but made with my almond milk.

    Course we're going to have the best apple juice in the USA right here from the Columbia Gorge. Best apple juice has PEARS in it. :)

    Cripes I'm so hungry now my tummy is making kitten noises.

    Have a great day everyone! Snuggle up to some body heat.

  9. Spits coffee! Oh, Andi, you could drive a truck through some of mine. . .

  10. Nancy, have you ever watched one of our family's favorite movies that we now watch as we fall asleep... "comfort movie".

    Murder By Death.

    I always think of you when I watch it.

    I love how Capote's charachter plows into each mystery figure. :) I think the charge against Agatha Christie's Miss Marple was that she introduced new charachters into the plot by the last page. Making it impossible for the reader to deduce the killer. LOL

  11. Janet! I loved that movie. I should watch it again. I must rush to defend dear Dame Agatha, however! If anybody played fair, it was she. Honest.

  12. Here's Lionel Twain's tirade - it was against all the charachters (my goof) not just the Agatha characther.

    "You've all been so clever for so long you've forgotten to be humble. You tricked and fooled your readers for years. You've tortured us all with surprise endings that make no sense. You've introduced characters in the last five pages who were never in the book before! You withheld clues and information that made it impossible for us to guess who did it! But now, the tables are turned. Millions of angry mystery readers are now getting their revenge."

    it's a fun movie...

    I must get ready for the mimes after giving Dylan some major huugage and squeezage. While looking up Maine Coon sites I came across a sad boy who had only one day left.... why people buy instead of opting to adopt is beyond me. GRRR.

  13. Tell ya what, I'll leaf the outline to someone else and just write! :D

    Nancy, good to see you back! Did'ja hear I finished another one?

    I love cats. I'd be the old lady with a zillion cats in my house if Mrs. Fetched wasn't there to stop me.

    Also love Murder By Death. Saw it twice when it was in the theaters.

    Gotta run, work to do…

  14. Gorgeous shot, Andi.

    O degrees here, dropped to 15 below in my neighborhood and 22 below out by Neil. That's a little cold even for me, though I was out and about at 3 yesterday.

    Spent ten hours clearing driveways and sidewalks for self, friends, and neighbors after we got 20+ inches Fri/Sat in Snowmageddon. It's been glorious. Off now to work on the book.

  15. Ack! One busy morning and you all just explode!! ::g::

    It's bloody cold here, too, but thank goodness, not as cold as Kelly's home. Wind is still ridiculous.

    I sent in BLOOD SACRIFICE to my editor & agent last night at 11:00. So now, for the 1st time in more than a year, I actually have NO writing projects due/upcoming! WEIRD!!

    That said, I do have 3 project ideas that I want to write up as proposals to send to my agent. :)

    This weekend is holiday party weekend with our company part on Friday and another party (personal one) on Saturday. We'll see how friendly I'm feeling. ;)

    Everyone stay warm & cozy (or cosy across the pond and up north)!

  16. Hi Janet. That list of food sounds incredibly delicious.

    Nancy, that's the trick -- make 'em big enough so you can speed through them so fast no one notices. :)

    Howdy Farf. I like the image of you as a Crazy Cat Lady.

    Ugh, Kelly. Sorry to see you're in the fridge with us. Though we only got about 5 inches of snow, so that was "lucky" for us.

    Mazel tov, Maria! Enjoy the break.