Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Taken December 18, 2010.

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  1. Since Lisa's in Cherokee and I have this hold-out from the IRL VGW to inspire me, I'd break the morning ice to say that I'm looking forward to those photos, Farf.

  2. Morning, Andi.

    Love this picture, brings shivers remembering breaking the ice in our kettle to get water for coffee and hot chocolate, camping a bit too high up in the mountains.

    Farf, if your inspiring ice-breaking, better get the pics in Andi's sights, soon.

  3. Morning, all! I can't believe I'm up this darned early on staycation day 2. Silly body.

    Nothing at all planned today except for a quick trip to the PO. It's glorious!

    Wind's calmed down finally (from up to 50 mph gusts) so I'm more inclined to go outside.

    Wishing everyone a fantastic Tuesday!

  4. The weather gods are going to do the ice-breaking for me, KS. We're leaving the teens and twenties behind:

    Today Hi 30 °F Tonight Lo 22 °F
    Wednesday Hi 36 °F Lo 33 °F
    Thursday Hi 45 °F Lo 40 °F
    Friday Hi 54 °F Lo 41 °F

    Sadly it isn't going to last but at least we're staying above freezing.
    Saturday Hi 42 Lo 24
    Sunday Hi 34 Lo 22

    Hope this same warm is heading north to you.

  5. An oasis of warmth in the midst of ice…

    Pictures you say? How about Mason and me in the snow? (with some night-light pics)

    And… I tried to make snowman rolls because Mrs. Fetched asked for rolls instead of bread. They didn't exactly turn out looking like snowmen. (That's my story & I'm sticking to it!)

    We're supposed to warm up too, might even hit 60 by Friday. Say bye-bye to the snow.

    Terrific Tuesday to all! Off to nibble on a "snowman" roll…

  6. Cute baby, Far! Our 2 yr old has found his voice at last and is now speaking English instead of alien gobbledegook; he started nattering all over Christmas, which was a relief. A non-speaker in a family of talkers has been a bit of a surprise!

    We have no snow left down here in the South and it's warm enough to rain. Never thought I'd be glad to be wet!
    Gradually getting back to normal but I seem to have agreed to have 3 kids over for New Year's Eve. How did that happen?

  7. Warmer weather sounds good for those of you buried in the white stuff. We're dropping into the low 50's tomorrow, and staying there for a while. Brr. Although I know that's a heat wave for some of you!

    I used to love finding water in the midst of winter - made spring feel not so far away. Love the sunlight on the snow, too, andi.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful Tuesday!

  8. Happy Still On Staycation, Maria.

    Well it's quite the ocmpetition for who is more adorable, Farf. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to give Mason the edge. ;)

    We're about to switch over from cold and snowy to warmer and wet too, Nicky. I'm really ready for that change.

    I can see how that would be a big deal in Idaho, Beth. Around here, winter is always on a freeze and thaw cycle so thawing doesn't mean anything about spring coming.