Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moon Lost and Found

Taken November 10, 2010.

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  1. Love to see light in the sky. This time of year, dark is so much of what I have when not working or setting sun in my eyes.

    Andi and Farf chicken soup for that cold. Daughter has a bad one here, so those nasty germs are flying everywhere.

    Beth has stuff--WooHoo. Sleeping in own bed is a luxury.

    Nicky, that is some Christmas cake. Is there an age limit on eating it and you have to be so old to get some? On the other hand, one piece and the kiddos might take a nice nap. You are a good grandmother getting ready to make their time with you special.

    12 days till holiday and I'm definately counting. Not a bad day yesterday, just long. Plenty of job security--7 new ones.

    Thursday winking at Friday to All.

  2. What a fabulous sunset.
    We have snow at last, though to some of you it would seem piddling, and the North of England has been snowbound for days. The thing is though, we're not used to it and it seems to come as a surprise even to the weather forecasters!
    It's pretty but I'm bored with it now, it can go away!

  3. Such a tiny moon in such a big sky…

    Hey all. Not much to say. Had a productive work day yesterday. Snippet actually put Mason to bed but he woke up at 1 — calling for me — so I got him a bottle and so on. Oh, I did post a Wednesday Wibbles on the blog.

    Lisa, I guess kiddo-wrangling is job security… hope they all maintain dignity until you can disappear for a while!

    Off to the mimes…

  4. Today I feel like that tiny moon...all wee and preferring to hide.

    Stomach bug going around the office slammed me yesterday evening. :(

    Staying home today lest I infect others. Still feeling quite puny. Toast helping.

    Nicola, I wish you less snow. I've long since gotten over the pretty of it. We're not expecting any this week, thank goodness, but having far too many storms.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  5. Drive by hi - sending good health vibes where needed.

  6. Wow, busy morning already! Sorry for the sick stomach, Maria - that's no fun. Lay low and take care of yourself. Ditto for colds, andi and Farf.

    Can't imagine that much snow there, Nicky - and I too want a piece of that cake! As least you know it'll go away soon (the snow - well, and the cake too).

    Sending extra light to Lisa - days are so much longer here than in ID. Not as long as in FL, though. I just need to get outside and see soon as the boxes are gone.

    Funny how that moon seems to fade in and out, andi. Or maybe it's me doing the fading!

    Made turkey soup yesterday - guess I still can cook. Although I still seem to only be able to cook in massive quantites...leftovers abound.

    Off to wrestle more boxes. Have a great Thursday, y'all!

  7. I had chicken soup last night, Lisa, but just to cover my bases, I took Nyquil too. But neither seems to have done the trick yet.

    I hope it melts fast, Nicky.

    Don't work too hard, Farf -- I'm sure Mason will need to be ready to play when you get home.

    Do you think we are passing our germs, Maria, to each through the comment box? ;)

    Hi and thanks, Dina.

    How many boxes do you do and have left to do, Beth -- 'cause that could be a good explanation for your fading.

  8. Well, I can actually get in the office now - that wasn't possible yesterday. So I guess that' progress. Now if I could just find a spare closet or two to store some of this stuff.....

    Hopefully I'll be done tomorrow!