Friday, December 24, 2010

Looked up the Definition of Cold

Taken December 13, 2010.

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  1. Silence. Solitude.
    Then my fingers and toes and nose would get cold and I'd want to come in by the fire.

    Maria, I love the idea of stormtrooper cookies and champagne. Writing for fun--WooHoo.

    Beth, A new CD out--How fun. Congrats to our lyricist.

    Farf, Emotional volcanics are a part of my house the last few days too. Being the anchor in everyone else's stormy lives can be challenging. You and DD and Mrs. Fetched and Mason cling together. I'd be tempted to toss everyone else's clothes on the lawn, change the locks, unplug/turn off the phone, and enjoy the holiday.
    Winter garden and breadloaves--If I had room, you could come live with us.

    Waves to All to Come.
    Merry Christmas Eve to all that partake and Happy Holidays.

  2. Morning! I'm with Lisa, that's definitely worth a brief pause but you have to keep moving to stay warm.

    Lisa, I've had the same thoughts lately, although Daughter Dearest can be our fourth in the cling-huddle. Sorry to hear you're going through similar times — and you can't escape it at work!

    From last night… Andi, I also posted the flower fairy pic last weekend, under Holiday Haircuts.

    Day off, except for watching Mason. Mrs. Fetched and Daughter Dearest "went out," and The Boy is helping Panda with the chickens. That leaves Snippet, and she's working all afternoon.

  3. Morning, all & a happy Yule eve!

    I am spending this weekend in solitude and relaxation, mental prep for the staycation, which begins on Tuesday.

    Love the gorgeous icy water photo...from afar. I'm staying inside in the warmth!

    Much love & virtual hugs to you all!!

  4. Andi, loving the winter series of pics, beautiful stuff. Also, so far so good on the roof.

    FarF sorry to hear about all the life stress. I hope that it gets better soonest.

    Beth, congrats on the lyrics gig. Sounds very cool.

    Everyone else, hope you're having a lovely xmas eve day and that the holidays treat you well.

  5. Boy, I'm shivering just looking at that pic!! Brrr, andi. It's just fine looking at it from a distance!

    I'm with you, Lisa - I don't know how Farf puts up with it all. And you are a great anchor, Lisa!!

    Thanks for the kind words, all - it's fun seeing my name on a REAL CD, and having a professional sing my lyrics. More to come, as soon as I get off my butt and write more songs!

    Solitude and relaxation sounds perfect, Maria. Enjoy your quiet time!

    Fingers and toes crossed on that roof, Kelly.

    Started the day with a coffee at a local shop, and now I'm working while Phi's buying stocking stuffers. Drinks with friends later, then It's A Wonderful Life in front of the fireplace.

    Happy Christmas Eve, everyone, however you spend it!! Hugs from here, too.

  6. Drive by hi and a holiday wish that everyone enjoy and stay safe and healthy.

  7. Merry Xmas and happy holidays to all!

    George and I are doing fine. We're starting to have relatives pour into the house. I don't think we will come near the 30 or more relatives that in times past would be here for Xmas. We already have a multitude of kids running, yelling and playing in this house. George will just give me look as if saying sooner or later we'll have some peace and quiet.
    Although the local weather news says we might have some snow flurries tomorrow, as usual I'm a bit skeptical about it. They also said that what every falls won't be sticking to the ground. So I guess we have the best of both. Being able to see the snow fallng and it not sticking to the ground. I would say that is a pretty good white Xmas.

    Everyone take care and have have a joyous holiday.


  8. Hi everyone, hope all emotional tangles are smoothed out soon. Today is my birthday and I've spent it with the people I love most in the whole world. Who could ask for more? And tomorrow is Christmas Day and that'll be fun too.
    Hope it's a great day for all of you, whether you celebrate it or not!


  9. Happy Birthday, Nicky!! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful day. You deserve it!

    Happy Christmas!!

  10. Hi Fam! I saw "anonymous," and hoped it was you! I'm so glad you stopped by to see us. And I hope you and George enjoy the family and all the associated craziness. And your snowfall sounds perfect - even *I* could handle that kind of snow!

    Merry Merry Christmas - and may the new year bring you a new computer, so we can see you more often!

  11. Hi everybody. Jim and I just got back from spending the day in Cincinnati with Jim's mom and his brother's family. We had a really nice time and the weather gods were very kind and held off on the snow (which looks like it is just about to arrive).

    Lisa, the wood stove is nice and toasty and would love to warm you up.

    Farf, you can't post that picture too many times -- it's just adorable. Hope your day was quiet and pleasant and perfectly uneventful.

    Happy doing nothing day, Maria. Enjoy, enjoy.

    Kelly, I'm glad you've got a roof still over your head. :) I think I'm going to worry about that all winter.

    Beth, that is very cool on having your songs recorded. Is there anywhere we can buy or hear some mp3's of your songs online?

    Howdy, Dina. Wonderful holiday wishes to you.

    Hiya FM! Have a lovely not-sticking around White Christmas. Hope George does spend too much of it barking his head off. Miss ya.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nicky! And many, many more.