Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Japanese Watercolors

Click images to see larger versions


  1. Oh, so gorgeous!! Love the simple beauty of the pics.

    In that vein, I think today is going to be an offline day for me. spent yesterday running errands and cooking up a batch of yummy vegetarian chili. Today is more a day for contemplation and reading.

    ::waves to all::

    Happy Hump Day!

  2. The first one needs to be enlarged and framed. It deserves no less.

    Enjoy your offline day, Maria!

    Hangin' with Mason on an early Wednesday morning. Mrs. Fetched has a video job, and we're going to go talk to the client this afternoon. That at least will get me out of the house for a while. I started cleaning up the bank by the road yesterday afternoon, working around the snow, because I wouldn't get it done if I waited for the snow to melt.

    Waves and rolls to all who come by later!

  3. Oh, definitely Japanese art, andi. Beautiful. Love the shadows in the right-hand one.

    A pot of chili sounds delicious, Maria! And a day offline. I might try both...although not necessarily today. :)

    Home again, after a fun few days away. A few more days, and life gets back to normal - whatever that is!

    Huge winter storm blasting in today - might even see snow down here in the Valley. Over an inch of rain predicted - I'm hoping!!

    Enjoy your staycation too, Farf!

    Hugs to all - off to unpack, after getting home after midnight. Yawn....

  4. I got some cute audio from Mason this morning. I stuck it on the blog, along with the details of the latest power-squabble between The Boy and Mrs. Fetched, but if you just want the audio

  5. Hi all. I'm up at my mom's and have just balanced her out of control checkbook. That's my accomplishment for the year. And just in time!