Monday, December 27, 2010

Its Bark Is Worse Than Her Bite

Taken December 18, 2010.

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  1. Slow, but got it--Groan.

    I'm heading to Cherokee with Atticus. Need QUIET time. Will leave this morning and come back Weds, so I can see nephew before he goes back home.

    Quiet time with hubby and started a new, good novel. Meg Hardiner is a new author to me, but China Lake started out great. Last of the five books I checked out is a winner. Will see if it can hold my interest.

    Hope everyone can have some down time this week before the new year. Then we'll have to have like these goal things and be productive.
    That's the problem with winter. Want to hunker down in all that dark and hibernate.

    Waves to all that come.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Lisa, best on the quiet time. It's sooo necessary.

    I decided to take today off too (trade it for next Friday) so I can do the entire week as a staycation. No point in going in, since there's little to do.

    The omgsnow turned out to be meh--simply a dusting, but the wind--wowza! It's gusting like crazy out there. Glad I'm inside and warm.

    Today may be lazycakes day, but at some point this week I want to reorg the hall closet and the pantry. I've already been listing items on eBay so I can just clear out more clutter!

    Wishing everyone a great final week of the year!

  3. Bebo barking up the wrong tree again?

    Enjoy some quiet time, Lisa. I'm getting at least a quiet moment right now… The Boy is giving Mason his breakfast. He woke up as I went by the crib, gave me a big grin & hug as I pulled him out. I'm going to try getting that photo Andi requested this morning.

    Enjoy the de-clutterizing, Maria. I keep saying I'm going to do that, sooner or later. But today? Curling up in front of a warm firebox or a warm laptop sounds about right. :D

    Y'all stay warm! I'm going to catch up on my Kindle if I can tear myself away from ISBW (I Should Be Writing) mode.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot. You'll remember, I've been doing silly things with the little glob of dough left in the bottom of the bread machine. Last night, I decided to make dots. Apropos to the season, it gave me a "wonderful, awful idea" that Mrs. Fetched won't approve of. I'm guessing The Boy will smile and say "you're whacked."

  5. Hi, all. Maria, I am glad you didn't get more than a dusting. We did - so bad that all the courts in NJ are closed which is saying a lot.

    My porch has a drift that is taller than me. I am very glad I don't really need to go out until Wednesday.

    Everyone have a good Monday.

  6. Enjoy the quiet time, Lisa (I guess you'll see this when you get back). P.S. for those of you who are interest, it's Gardiner. :)

    Yay for a whole week off, Maria. Don't work too hard on housework (my idea of the no-fun).

    Somehow I think I can guess what that idea might be, Farf. I'll be expecting photos.

    Ugh, Dina. I'm glad you don't have to go out.

  7. Greetings from cloudy, breezy Laughlin. But compared to that mess back East, I'm quite content to be here.

    Not that it's a Garden of Eden or anything, but at least the Colorado River runs past our hotel, so I've been drinking in the sight of water here in the desert.

    Have avoided all forms of gambling so far, instead hanging out with friends and visiting, then great coffee at a local shop this morning. I hear rumors of karaoke and bowling later today, both of which I will watch - I am NOT a participator in those events.

    Anyway, stay warm and safe - don't go out in that mess if you can help it!

  8. We're big fans on not-gambling in Nevada, Beth, so we're cheering you on. And I'm always up for not-bowling, too.

  9. Karaoke is an activity requiring consumption of large amounts of [beverage of choice]. I'll go bowling though if that's what everyone else is doing.

    Pictures taken, by the way…