Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Shape

Taken December 5, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. White. A blank page or canvas ....

  2. Mary is first! Which is a first. A first first.

    I'm marking my calendar. :)

  3. Almost looks like Jill Frost is dangling one skinny leg over that branch.

    Waiting for Mason to finish waking up. He's in my bed, I'm at the adjacent desk.

  4. Love the Jill Frost image. I started to type Kill Frost which makes me wonder if Jill has maybe been killed.

    The weird thoughts of a devoted mystery reader!

  5. A leg indeed, Farf! A nice image of snow...I do miss some things about it!

    None here. 68 and party cloudy. Slight breeze. No snow in sight! I guess we could drive up to Flagstaff to see some...

    Decorated the Christmas tree yesterday - and then it toppled during the night. We're not sure why. I collect glass ornaments, and some of my favorites shattered. :-( So decorated it a second time today - we'll see if the Tree Gods let it stand tonight...

    Have a great Saturday, everyone! Back to work.

  6. Nice image, Farf.

    In the conservatory with a candle, Dina.

    Or keep going past Flagstaff, Beth, and see some at the Grand Canyon -- it's amazingly gorgeous in the snow (even when you're hiking in it).