Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gliding Into Mystery

Taken November 9, 2010.

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  1. Can use some calm waters as the kiddos find their inner drama kings and queens.

    Nicky, you are an inspiration!!

    A delicious December Day One to all.

  2. Calm. Yes, indeedy. Not here, though.

    We've got more "interesting" weather. Severe t'storms throughout the night (some places with wind gusts up to 60mph); under tornado watch & flash flood warning. Then Arctic cold front arriving and temps will drop 20 degrees F. Whee?

    Off to the mimes, hoping we don't lose power.

    Oh, December, I hope this isn't a harbinger of the rest of the winter...

  3. Exciting weather, Maria! Although losing power during an Arctic cold front is a baaaad thing. Good luck!

    Love the mysterious shot, andi. The only mystery here is what box are my sheets in?

    Movers arrived. Stuff is (mostly) safely here. Grandfather clock has lost its legs, so need to deal with that. A couple more days of unpacking and I should be settled in. I swear I gotta stop this moving thing. Envying you folks who know where you belong.

    Ease through Hump Day, Lisa - I'm sure holidays don't help with the drama.

    Off to play with boxes - have a good day, all!

  4. Andi, your photos are so beautiful, have you thought of doing a calendar? Either for yourself or for charity? I'm sure they'd sell. For a start, we'd all buy them!

    I'm this far ahead with Christmas for one reason really - starting early spreads the cost, and I do have 8 young grandchildren! Plus, an English Christmas cake (and pudding) taste better the longer they have to soak up the branday, so mine is a baby at only 6 weeks old!

  5. Hi,all. From yesterday - I go to water yoga on Tuesdays but I missed the last two weeks so it was good to go yesterday.

    It is dark and gloomy and pouring rain. I feel like I should be lighting the candles NOW. But a bit early. Happy Hanukkah all anyway.

  6. Match to candle number one. :)

    About ready to take daughter and myself to our GYN. It's at a Women's Health Associates.

    This past weekend we had a sting operation that involved a 'terrorist". Actually it was a messed up kid with no ties to any group but the FBI. Now they want Portland to rejoin the task force... something this city refused to be a part of before. Hmmmm?

    I'm worried about the rightwing hate groups. For instance, the idiots who will be outside my clinic.

    This will be Danni's first check up. Anyone yells at her and I swear... I might just lose it. I'm so sick of these domestic and civil liberties terrorists.

  7. The heavy rain & high winds have passed on, leaving December feeling like December. Speaking of drama queens, DoubleRed was by the house yesterday talking about how the roads were supposed to be all froze over this morning. I guess the wind blow-dried them. :P

    Mrs. Fetched got around last night to telling me I had a high fever Monday night. She must have thought I was delirious, because I asked her to turn off the electric blanket. It *felt* like one, I was hot on top but not on the bottom, I thought she was being nice & helping me keep warm.

    Janet, let Danni take care of it. She should just say, "you wanna come over here and say that?" and then call 'em chickenshit etc. when they decline. *sigh* The backlash will come, and those of us who aren't that way will get caught up in it with our loudmouth brethren. I just wish people would get the facts before taking the customary flying leap at a conclusion. DD hasn't had that issue, because 1) she goes to a regular OB-GYN; 2) she inherited an "axe-murderer" glare from her mother that would back most people down all by itself.

  8. Only three more weeks till Xmas break, Lisa. Hang in there!

    Heavy rain followed by temp drop already happened here, Maria. Brrr. (Also some snow).

    Good luck solving that mystery, Beth. Clean sheets are da bomb.

    Thanks for that compliment, Nicky. No calendars but I do sell some of my pictures as notecards in the nearby tourist town.

    Dina, even better than candle lighting for overcoming gloom is latke eating.

    You're a fiercely fine mama, Janet ... and that's a fine protective force field for Danni all on its own.

    My sympathies for being sick, Farf -- or more like empathy as I've got a miserable cold (what's that bag of wet sand doing in my head).

  9. We're back and all went well with getting into the place.

    It's actually quite the fancy schmancy set up.

    Danni is her own warrior. Along with not wanting to fill hear head with my philosophies, thoughts and opinions, I've also tried very hard not to project any of my fears or concerns about the whole OB/GYN visits. There's more to me going to there than just the guantlet of idiots worry. Some here know that side of me well enough for me not to have to type it out right now.

    Danni is uber petite and still hasn't had her period so they're doing some bloodwork but all seems well.

    I on the otherhand went in for normal check up and ended up with an unscheduled biopsy of the uterus. IT HURT LIKE HELL and set off some expected triggers. I think the word "cancer" just sets me off right now since losing my Mom. My GYN is an expert in treating "women like me" LOL but I did start to shake and I just wasn't expecting it to hurt as much as it did and all I could say was "get out" and I think I was so emotional about my Mom that the other trigger just started firing off. I've been too strong for several months and I kinda melted down. I even yelled at him. Then I felt foolish and too emotional but he understood. I go in for bloodwork as well as soon as my medical doctor gets word. Some signs that I had thought were other things but aren't. Haven't even talked with Wayne yet... or my best friend. Frizzled and frazzled.

    I'd really like this year to end.

  10. Danni is her own warrior

    That's how I tried to raise Daughter Dearest. Actually, I tried to raise her with as little gender-specific input as possible, but it still got in there somehow. 'Course, that meant when she was little, she wanted to wear her pink frilly dress and go roll in the mud with the boys. :D Despite the differences in age, size, and native abilities, she did a pretty good job of keeping up.

    Sorry to hear about the biopsy & the side-effects. I hope you can get through it and it turns out to be nothing much.