Friday, December 10, 2010

Frost Flower Gathering

Some drought-year frost flowers -- they've been small, close to the ground, and twisty.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Nice bouquet, Andi.

    Fabulous Friday is here. No new kiddos for us, today--WooHoo. The ones we got are being plenty challenging. That time of year.

    No plans for the weekend but to be a bum. Read and watch some trash tv. Daughter at wedding in Houston and Hubby at Cherokee to fulfill a Habitat for Humanity donation of a hunting weekend auctioned off.

    Farf, hugs after the funeral.

    Maria, enjoy your relaxing weekend.

    Beth, happy hiking.

    Jim, some rest before this last week before the holidays.

    Waves to all that follow.

  2. One of these days I want to see one of those in person, andi. But I guess that means I have to visit in the winter, huh? They're very cool.

    Enjoy your peaceful weekend, Lisa. Sounds wonderful!

    On my way to start our walk. 11 miles today. We come home every night, so no packing involved. And two hot tubs here at the condo complex - I might need one!

    TGIF y'all. Stay warm!

  3. Hey all!

    Funeral stuff is done, at least until the next one, right? Mason decided he wanted to preach a sermon at graveside, so I wandered him away for a bit. His 2nd cousins Skyler and Wyatt were already waiting for him. At least it warmed up enough to stand around outside in our monkey suits.

    Here's hoping that the rest of school zooms by and our teachers here get a nice long break.

    Beth, you're doing an 11-mile walk? Impressive.

    OK, I've procrastinated long enough. Mime time.

  4. Eleven today, Farf. Twelve tomorrow. Twelve Sunday. Six and a third Monday. At least that's the plan! We'll see how it goes....

  5. It's morning. Got woken up by the office calling me. Seems CEO forgot it was Friday and that I'm out, so had sent email to admin to ask me to come into a meeting to take notes. Admin wasn't sure what to do, so she called me. Sigh.

    It's bloody cold still with bonus!chance of snow--mostly flurries, but still. Andi, I suppose your ice flower bouquets came just in time to herald our weather change. ::g::

    Staying home today to do NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE WHATSOEVER.

    Beth, I am totally wowed. Best of luck on the hike.

    Lisa, being a bum on some weekends is what's life's about, right?

    Farf, hope your mime days goes by quickly!

    ::waves to the rest of you::

  6. Frost Flowers, pretty cool!

    Impressive Beth! If you get a chance, there's a fantastic book called, "Planet Walker". :)

    Spouse has a total seal of good health. He even did his meals on two wheels the next day. It was raining and flooding, too.

    Me, I go in for more blood work. Then running Danni in for her MRI of her pelvic area. Amuck Amuck Amuck.

    Customer from Germany came through my line and she wasn't very happy. Young lady who had been here on business for about a year. She said she was disgusted, DISGUSTED, with this country. She just needed to talk. Turns out none of the people she's working with or any of the people in her apartment have... health care. She's thinking of writing a book about how the land of the free and the brave have to live like dogs. The guy in line started talking to her and shared his same disgust, he's American, Veteran. His son traveled to Germany, fell outside his hotel and was taken care of and even had the medicine sent to his hotel. All for free. Neither could understand why this country isn't outraged and protesting in the streets. I don't know either. Bjut there's nothing a person can say, even a bleeding heart liberal like me, about our lousy health care. It was embarrassing. I found myslef apologizing for stuff I don't condone.

    Next lady in line just wanted to talk on her cell phone about her new purse she bought... it was ONLY $400. She paid for her groceries with food stamps.


  7. Weekend solitude -- sounds lovely. Hope you enjoy it, Lisa.

    Nope don't come in winter, Beth -- these are fall phenoms. I think the latest I've ever seen one is mid-December. Happy hiking.

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend to provide some balance to your less than pleasant week, Farf.


    That's what so great about colonoscopies, Janet -- you feel so good that they're over. :)