Monday, December 13, 2010

Follow Me Down

Taken December 2, 2010.

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  1. Let me grab a tree--Vertigo.

    Hope you and all others stay plenty warm and safe with the bad weather.

    30 here this morning but no snow and the wind has slowed.

    Last week before the holidays--WooHoo.

    Everyone home safe after being gone for the weekend.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Going… down?

    Hope this week goes well for you, Lisa, no kiddo drama etc.

    The ground's all white here. The snow just kept coming and coming and coming…

    And I'm mime'ing at home until the roads get cleared off. With a high of 26F, they won't melt by themselves. Later!

  3. Hi,all. Quiet here but that's not bad.

  4. Oh, blogger, how you vex me! Kept trying to sign in, but then it forgot me again & again. Sigh.

    Monday, yup. No real snow here, only a very light dusting, though we expect actual snow tonight. That said, it's still bloody cooooold!!

    Spent a VERY quiet & relaxing weekend doing absolutely nothing of value. It was totally needed.

    Hope everyone's day goes well!

  5. Getting ahead of myself and sorting out how we're going to seat 17 people to Christmas dinner! This involved moving furniture around in the dining room and conservatory which leads off it, and discovering strange, organic-looking growths in dark places, plus ancestral spider dynasties! Hubby kindly decided he would spring clean the conservatory and it's now ready to be reassembled. We mostly eat in the kitchen anyway so I can get it looking respectable and shut the door till the Big Day!

    And now the sun is over the yardarm so I shall drink to you all!

  6. Weather here is awful, Lisa -- 5 inches of snow, 30 mph winds, wind chill of -4 this morning ... which is all good news because Jim didn't have any school today. :)

    Sounds like you've got what we've got, Farf but with a little warmer temps.

    I hope you get off lightly, Maria. I think you all suffered enough last years to justify no snow for the next five years to come.

    You have a conservatory, Nicky? That's sound so wonderful -- I see a room full of musical instruments with sunlight streaming through a wall of french doors.

  7. Snigger. I see a glass Victorian style octagonal room with some bits of 19th century furniture that were my granny's, and a lot of odd bits of sentimental junk. And some (very) hardy plants, the kind that cope with my gardening style. This is what I shout at them: 'You live, you die, your choice.' Oddly enough they usually live but with a sullen, straggly air about them!

  8. Hmm, I seem have a sudden attack of aphasia which has rendered me unable to read any comment by Nicky that would destroy my completely accurate image of her conservatory.

  9. It was AndiF in the Conservatory with the candle stick ...

    Snow here, but the real story is the bitter cold. And it was really windy yesterday. Blowing all that dry snow everywhere. But it was pretty :)

  10. Boy, now I feel bad for complaining about the cold weather last month! Sorry about all of the nasty weather, folks - please stay safe, warm and dry in the midst of all that pre-winter winter weather!

    Finished the walk. My stubborn willpower dragged me the last 3 miles. The prettiest part of the walk, around the Cave Creek area. Lots of cactus and mountain views. The cold beer at the end kept me going...

    I don't plan to walk any further than the hot tub for a few days...

    Love the sound of your conservatory, Nicky - or at least andi's version of it!

    Off to spend an evening doing NOTHING. Except watching Monday Night Football. Peaceful evening, all.

  11. Howdy to everybody. I've missed you, and I see by the frost flowers that I've been gone too long. Too long for what, you ask? Too long to know what's going on! I'll catch up.

    Crunch, crunch through the leaves and frost, following your paths.


  12. I'm innocent! Of ever actually being in a conservatory at least.

    Congrats, Beth! Beer wouldn't have done it for me -- on our hikes, I require really great cookies (specifically Montana Monster Cookies).

    Woo hoo, Nancy! Great to "see" ya here. Hope you'll be able to hang around more now.

    Night everybody.

  13. I see the photo as more Jackson Pollock-y :)

    I've noticed some "annoying" things about Dylan (our newest family member)...

    1. He's a totaly love monkey when I'm trying to type. Which means I have another excuse for my masstypos. :)

    2. You can not make a bed with him in the room. Won't happen. He attacks blankets and fingers trying to straighten them out.

    Other than that, he's a good boy.

    More and more people at work at doing what we're doing (or not doing) they are going without gifts and doing the whole "Eat, Drink and Being Merry". Times are tough for many,. We're okay. I just think it's Oleg (our good friend we lost this year) and his influence on us. He was Russian/Ukranian and they had huge winter feasts because one never knew who wouldn't be around after the thaw. So you shared your harvest and had parties during the storms. You ate, drank and enjoyed each other's company. You made sure the people down the street had enough to eat as well. Gawd I miss Oleg. But my Russian friend made me a better American. :)

    I just had to cut back on what cookies I was or wasn't making. :) Cause I kinda stressed out too much on that.

    NANCY!!!!!! xoxox