Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall Bounty

Taken November 17, 2010.

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  1. Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut.
    And today is a good day for it.

    Love the colors and textures in this one, Andi!!!!!

    Get well and get plenty of rest to weak and weary.

    Waves as off to the Mimes.

  2. I fought the bug and the bug won...but then I stomped that sucker flat. Feeling TONS better today. Which is good because I need to to to mimes so I can teach our in-house staff how to use our in-house wiki.

    Have I finished my training outline - not so much. I was working on that Weds evening when I fell ill. Ooops.

    Oh well, I'll figure something out this morning! (training is over lunch)

    Fantastic Friday to all!!

  3. Good luck today, Maria! It'll all come together. Glad the bug has moved on to harass some other poor soul.

    What a neat shot, andi. That's Christmas card-able.

    Still unpacking. 'Nuff said. Hopefully will be done today, and we can celebrate tonight. The next time I decide to move, will someone shoot me, please?

    Looking forward to a relaxing weekend - buy a tree and decorate it, visit my cousins, watch some football, eat turkey soup...

    TGIF, y'all! Have a good day - I hear boxes calling me...

  4. That was my first thought too: "cool Christmas decoration."

    Lisa, good luck with the nuts you have to deal with. Crack 'em gently. ;-)

    Maria, good to hear you're better. I'm slowly improving here too, and I did manage to finish the thing I was wanting to get done this week. 2/5 approvers already have checked off. 3 to go!

    Beth, good to hear you're settling in, but I'll bet you'll get the "move on" itch around April when the temps climb above 90°F and stay there. :-)

    As for last night… I had to blog it. Typical in that this is the kind of stuff that leads to the places we ended up, but a little more italicized than usual…

  5. Yay for the end of the day Friday and the weekend, all without a single nut in sight (I hope), Lisa.

    So how did the training go, Maria?

    Reward yourself with a wonderfully slackerful (hi FM wherever you are) weekend, Beth. You deserve it after all that unpacking.

    Just reading all that, Farf, makes me want to go hide my head under a pillow and take a very long nap.

  6. Training went great, Andi, thanks! People came. There was pizza and I didn't make an idiot of myself. ::g::

    Now, I can relax.

  7. As someone who's done some training in my time, both the pizza and no fool-making are my ideas of a grand success.

  8. I never had pizza at a training - I wanna work with you, Maria!! :-) Glad it went well...

    Egads, Farf, you continue to earn gold stars for your patience with your fam. Maybe that's why I live so far from mine!!

    No unpacking in the forecast for the weekend, andi. Hopefully I'll finish it today. Margaritas this evening, that's for sure!!

    Back to work!

  9. Cool pick Andi.

    Hello to Lisa.

    Beth, good luck with the ongoing unpacking.

    FarF, ufda, which is Scandinavian for oy vey,

    Maria, glad to hear the bug ultimately got stomped.

    Continuing with the adulting here at Chez McCullough, though now that the book is started that's gone from adulting to having fun with my work again, so yay.

    Dealing with my step-family on leftover stuff from my mom's divorce is much less yay. Oh well. Family is complex and often less than fun. Off to make another attempt at sleeping soon.

    Waves at everyone who comes in later


  10. Kelly, go to sleep! (I hope you follow directions well).