Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fading Away

Taken November 11, 2010.

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  1. I got this effect because of the way the light was hitting the tree. Today (if it was light) I could get it because of snow. Just what I needed on the day everybody is gathering in Indy for the family Hanukkah gathering. Thanks a bunch, weather gods. (think they get sarcasm?)

    Hope everybody has a great day.

  2. think they get sarcasm?

    Yes, yes, they do. It's bloody cold here & we expect flurries tonight.

    I've been up since 6, writing. I want to type those elusive & lovely words this weekend - the end.

    Just under 18K to go (ish). Do you think I can make it? ::g::

    Running down to the little market on the 1st floor for diet coke. I think I'm going to need big helpings of caffeine today!

    Andi, btw - the image effect is gorgeous!!

    ::waves to the rest of you peeps!::

  3. Weather gods not only get sarcasm, they get the last laugh -- we decided to hold off till tomorrow.

  4. Talk about using overexposure to your advantage!

    Busy morning: took Mason with me to Mal*Wart to pick up a site-to-store order that Daughter Dearest placed on Black Friday; he enjoyed the trip. In fact, he was in the kitchen, and I said "let's go," meaning back into the living room; he ran to the door going out and banged on it a few times. So he wanted to get out of the manor for a while, but he was ready to be home before we got back.

    After that, I had to clean off the rack out back and stack it on the rack in the garage before it started raining (that's all we're getting here). By then, Snippet was moving around; she got called into work because they have some people out. She's hoping that this "seasonal" job will continue after the 25th… that would be helpful.

    I want to get a little White Pickups writing done today, maybe Mason will let it happen… off to take Snippet to work and pick up a little rum!

  5. oh wow I love this pic! And while I'm sorry the snow is making life difficult I envy you having it. Just gray and gloomy here. Goes along with my general mood.

    Have a good celebration with the fam!

  6. Busy, busy, Farf. You need some do-nothing days.

    I have to admit the snow is quite pretty, Mary, but I wish it had let us get the family gathering out of the way first. Sorry about the gloomy weather and mood. Hope both brighten up soon.

  7. Boy, I hope everyone got to your gathering safely, andi. I think the weather gods have a warped sense of humor.

    You CAN do it, Maria! Hope you were productive today.

    I bought a bottle of Malibu yesterday, Farf. My new favorite drink: Malibu and club soda. Nummy!

    Overcast here today, but mid 70's. Spent time with my cousins, which was fun. Walked a couple of miles, getting ready for our cross-valley walk next weekend.

    No unpacking today, but I think I'm missing a box of kitchen stuff. :-( Mugs from all over the world...crossing my fingers someone reports they've found it.

    Hoping your mood improves, maryb. I recommend chocolate.

    Off to watch football by the fire - maybe drink some coffee and Baileys! Nice evening to all.

  8. Everybody was safe, Beth, because we all stayed home. But we're doing it Sunday when the roads will be clear and sun is out so all is well. Hope those mugs show up for you to pour the Bailey's into 'em.