Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coloring Between the Times

Sunrise November 29, 2010

Sunset November 19, 2010.
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  1. Sky kaleidescope of colors--cool.

    Came home and crashed after work yesterday. Naps are such great things.
    NO Plans. Just gonna veg and be.

    Hope you have some serious hiking boots and socks, Beth. Sounds fun.

    Relaxing time to any and all.

  2. Beautiful colors, andi. Thanks for starting off my day right!

    Still darkish here. 50 minutes til I leave for Day Two of the Valley Walk. First day was fine - good company, great weather, interesting sights. Each day should be prettier - Scottsdale today, which I guess is one of the ritzier areas of Phoenix. Took us 6 hours (with three long breaks) to walk 11 miles, so 12 today shouldn't be much harder.

    Nap sounds pretty good right about now, Lisa. Take an extra one for me!

    Hope you sleep in late today, Maria, with no phone calls.

    Waving to all who follow...enjoy your Saturday!

  3. Howdy folks. Not much going on here. I blogged about the rest of the week if you want to catch up on that mess. The drama-nami is receding for now.

    Nap often and well, Lisa.

    Beth, I'm with Lisa. Good hiking socks & boots. I'm jealous for your weather, but we're supposed to get one more shot of this arctic crap then maybe Winter #1 will recede toward the end of next week. The first is always the longest.


  4. Oh fiddle, I forgot to mention: these two shots are justification for not getting up in the morning for sunrise pics… the sunset is far more colorful. :)

  5. You've inspired me, Lisa -- right after these comments, I'm heading over to the couch to snuggle and nap with Sniff.

    Hope you're taking pictures, Beth, so we can experience the walk vicariously.

    Farf, in fairness to sunrises, I've got a much more unobstructed view of sunsets. East side -- heavily forested ridgetop. West side -- clearings (aka septic fields).

  6. Hello everyone!

    I left a message earlier, but it didn't take. So I'll make this short. Both George and I are doing fine. In about a month we'll be moving and hopefully have another computer.

    I hope everyone is doing fine and take care.


  7. FM!!!!!

    Hi, hi, hi!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Moving!

    I figure I'll do all the greetings past, present and future in case you don't get back before you move.

  8. FM, happy to hear from George and you whenever wherever.