Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Careful Perspective

Taken November 29, 2010.

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  1. Calm waters needed this time of year. Beautiful shot, Andi.
    Love your holes in plots zinger yesterday. Your rapier wit is appreciated.

    Kelly--Holy Smokes.
    I live in Texas for a reason. It's 52 out predawn today and supposed to get up in the 70s.

    Maria--I'm kinda feeling grinchy. Can't work up much enthusiasm for the teacher pot luck tomorrow. Unlike Janet, I don't have a list of I'm gonna bakes. Though I am making those Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles sometime over the holidays.

    Yesterday had a two and a half hour meeting with principals and counselors about the new online grading requirements for teachers at my building. Didn't get home till 6. Bah humbug.
    So the rest of this week will be a breeze!!!!!

    Waves to all--A great midweek.

  2. JEN!! It's great to see you out and about!! Puts a smile on my face. I hope life is treating you well. I've missed hearing from you.

    Fam and Nancy and Jen - it's wonderful to hear from old friends.

    Kelly, you're amazing. I used to dread shoveling my teeny weeny driveway - guess that's why you live in the north and I don't.

    This is a stunning shot, andi. Very very cool.

    Here's hoping the rest of the week IS a breeze, Lisa! Rough time of year for lots of folks.

    Christmas cookies sound yummy! My mom used to bake a ton and freeze them, so Christmas would last for a few weeks. You inspire me to get busy, Janet.

    Have a great day, everyone. Stay warm!

  3. Hi,all. Love the picture!

    I did my holiday baking the day after Thanksgiving. Those cookies see me through.

    We had a dusting of snow but nothing much. Of course, I don't do the shoveling so I don't care. The advantages of living in a condo.

  4. Woohoo! Jen to complete the Missing Persons trifecta!

    Andi, have you ever flipped one of those shots just to see if anyone catches it?

    Lisa, I need cold weather to get me into a baking mood. Winter #1 should be gone this weekend, but I'm still thinking cinnamon rolls. Maybe some Parker House rolls to get everyone drooling like Mason.

    Beth, my favorite part about shoveling driveways when I was a kid, was getting the shovel under a good piece of pack/ice and lifting a 10 sq ft chunk off the pavement. Toss that to the side, repeat if possible…

    It's not the weekend yet? That work at home day yesterday really knocked over my internal calendar. Mrf.

  5. Hola, gang!

    I'm feeling a bit festive today as our building is having its annual reception in the lobby. Some yummy treats for all.

    Though, I am elbow deep into some documentation for a training that's...wait for it...TOMORROW! Sighs. I wish people would give me some notice. I found out about this yesterday, at five.

    Looking forward to the weekend, in which I will have a fabulous friend visiting, 2 holiday parties and time to chill out. w00t!

    Hope you are all staying warm!

  6. Part of the fun of baking is renaming the recipes :) "Mayan Snickerdoodles" just sounds better than "Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles" don't it? :) I get a Mayan Mocha sometimes at my local, indie coffee shop. Already people in my line have been asking about the recipe and where I got it. Everyone is talking about xmas and whose doing what or whatnot... main question is "are you ready for christmas?" Uh... not really, we're just gonna eat drink and be Merry. Which I think is gonna be superb! Have a list for the dinner, too. Co-workers are now wanting to "drop by" my house on the 23 or 24th just to "drop by" and maybe grab some yum yums. One lady is going to make some peppermint bark for the kidlets so I might have to make some extra truffles. (Ack, I'm stressin') LOL

    Had to make a list, and check it twice (so as not to overdo it and stress the fork out) as I'm not very organized. Only thing organized in my house is the movie collection. And that's kinda of a choatic mess where you have to understand the madness to the method. Alphabetical, Genre and Sub-Genre then speciality selection. :P

    JEN!!!! OMFG!!!!! Been listening to the pre-protest cds you made me all those years ago... recently. Been missing you horribly, girl! Been thinking of putting up protest photos to your Joe Satriani's "I Believe".

    Farf, crazy cat lady. Meow! Would you complete it with the worn out "sundress" and all day slippers? :)

    I will not go into the crazy climate changes lately (why did they ever call it with the word "warming" in it to confuse the faux spews crowd? Do we really need to go back to 3rd Science about the diff between weather and climate? LOL) but we had tornadoes touch down here in Salem, causing blocks of damage and had several tornado watches yesterday. Cuhrazy!!!! We've had a few of those these past coupla' years. WTF!

    But I still wouldn't want to live where the temp is the same all year long. Been there, done that. Guam, it was 85 every day just about unless a tyhphoon was nailing our tits to the sand. Snorkeling on xmas day was just a little .. .weird. I just like having four, distinct seasons. And, no, it ain't all rain here in Oregon. We have a special place that has an ocean coast, valley, mountain range and desert. It's truly an amazing, diverse state.

    My other laptop (the furry faced one) wants in my lap. Ciao for Niao.

    Andi with the dogleash in the conservatory.

  7. Oh as to the snow shoveling...

    Few snow years back, my husband was out shoveling the snow and it wasn't a snow shovel. He was beyotching and I was laughing at him and egging him on (of course)

    I said that he was better at it from all those hard, Boston snowstorms. And how he had "real snow storms and not this "wussy" 2 inches here and there "storm".

    He threw down the shovel and came right up to me and stated that he'd never shoveled snow before in his life because real snow requires snowblowers for the walkways and a snow TRACTOR with a snow plow on it for the driveways. That's how they took care of snow where he was from.

    I wasn't impressed.

    I asked him where they kept the "fahking" Zamboni. :)

  8. Wow and wow reflected in the water.

    Jen, I'm glad I showed up when you did, too. So nice to see you.

    (If I owe anyone here an email response, I apologize profusely. Been distracted.)

  9. Hi everybody -- just got back home from taking my mom to her last post-cataract appointment. Everything looks great with a big vision improvement and a lot fewer drives up to Indy for me so yay all round.

    I hope your experience with an online grading system goes a whole lot better than Jim's, Lisa.

    Thanks, O. Love ya too. :)

    Jen! Hi and hi some more. Miss you whole bunches.

    How's the feet, Beth?

    Lucky you, Dina, to escape the snow. We're due for some more (mixed with sleet) tonight and tomorrow.

    Farf, I did flip a shot not too long ago and even hinted that I did but none of you said anything -- though it was a very different kind of reflection shot.

    Maria, just keep two paragraphs ahead (at least that was always my strategy).

    Yep, Janet, Mayan snickerdoodles sounds like if you eat one it will transport to somewhere mysterious, ancient, and exotic.

    Nancy, don't apologize ... just promise us we won't have to wait so long for the next book if we let you ignore us. ;)

    Thanks, Mary. Some times the weather gods are quite thoughtful.

  10. Feet are actually fine, andi. I was really sore on Monday when we finished, and a little stiff that evening, but woke up fine yesterday. Ready to go again!

    Well, okay, maybe not for a while....

  11. ::feels the love, needs a kleenex now::


  12. Or maybe instead of walking, Beth, you could take a little drive up the road a piece to see some ruins like Montezuma's Castle or Tuzigoot.

    ::wishing I was close enough to hand kleenex to Jen::

  13. Popping in to say good night to all! That is a really cool photo!

  14. andi, I need to have you tell me where to go in this area. I've never heard of either of those places, and they're not so far away!! Thanks for the heads-up. After the holidays, we definitely plan to do some exploring!