Monday, November 8, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders The Sound of One Idiot Running

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  1. Bebo is full of vim and vigor. Sniff is smart enough to get out of the way.

    Daughter took the Springer to the dog park Saturday. He did great. Next time she knows she can handle both dogs.

    Sonboy and Hubby had a good weekend. Great weather.

    Time change sucks. Hungry early and hard to stay away till bedtime.

    Wrote nothing, but did start a purge. Cleaned my dresser out. Sick of having so much I don't wear/use so am getting rid of.

    Marvelous Monday to all.

  2. ::waves feebly from sickbed::

    Woke up yesterday with vicious cold/sinus/ick. Still beating me up today. :(

    Going to crawl back to bed.


  3. Lisa, right there with you on the time change thing, though I like this end of the process much better than when it goes the other way.

    Maria, get better.

    Dina, I'm not sure if that's a loss or win for you. Normally for me snow=yay! But I'd really rather it held off here until we get the roof fixed.

    Greetings to all and sundry who come later. Gotta go read a budget...whee?

  4. Took a shower and felt better, so I came into work.

    Half my head is still clogged, but whatever.

    Dina, SNOW????

    Kelly, ugh, budgets.

    Wishing everyone a great Monday!

  5. Lisa, I love the end of DST. I wish it would just go away and never come back.

    Maria, glad you are feeling better but Dr. F thinks it would have been better if you'd stayed home (of course Dr. F always thinks it's better to not go to work).

    We had a dusting of snow a few days ago, Dina. But today it has warmed up to the 60s so I hope you will get the same soon.

    When will the roof be fixed, Kelly? Could we hold off until January because I think I should be ready for snow by then.

  6. Getting word from all the farmer almamaniac types that this winter here will be a very cold and snowy one. Ick. I'd best start stocking up on extra meals just in case. Generally we grocery shop more like Eurpopeans - every two or three days and we like to use up what we have. Which is why you don't see us in Costco type stores. Been there done that and most of the food gets tossed out because it goes bad or kids got sick of eating it so much. Processed foods vs fresh food... clear winner.

    Speaking of food... it's crazy time at work for me. Wayne had lunch with me yesterday at work and couldn't believe how busy we were. Which is a good thing as grocery stores are being hit hard by our country's lack of priorities. Rarely the media will acknowledge our store but they finally had to when they did a comparison of all the other stores (all big chains - Wal Mart, Fred Meyers, Safeway) and we kicked butt. Most said it was because our store had friendly, smart service and it took care of it's employees and their families. They felt better about spending a few dollars more than going to a store that treats it's workers and customers like slaves. Which is exactly why we started shopping there. It's hard finding stores like that. It's a rarity. I think as more and more jobs are lost overseas, it will wake people up. We're hearing of more farmer market start ups in areas of the country where there weren't any. People from Japan, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Alberta... have toured our stores to take back home and start their own local store that supports the local economy.

    Milk and Soy allergies kicked my head in last week. I've started a non-dairy probiotic and looking into a daily enzyme since my body is no longer storing milk fat, it's storing sugar and I hadn't had a yeast infection since I was in my 20s. Yikes. When you defeat one health crisis monster you get a few more aftershocks. But I no longer go to bed every night and wake up every morning feeling like the Abominable Snot Monster.

    (((Farf & KMc)))) thanks for the fireside chatting this weekend.

  7. Damn those double posts! I don't know what I'm doing to cause them sorry!.

    Hey speaking of time change. Can we do away with it? Each change brings a rise of tardies at school and work. It scootches me off my track for at least a week and try explaining this DST to an autistic child or anyone with a brain.

    I've been crashing on the couch before the third period. I was asleep when the Sharks won their last game! ;P

    Lisa, I hope you don't just get rid of those unworn clothes. There are tons of charities that would accept them, especially the season we're heading into. Here we have the ARC, but I'm sure there's a Goodwill or a women's shelter in your area? We have a place here that helps women who are going from assistance to the workplace but don't have the professional clothing quite yet.

  8. Glad Bebo could entertain ya, O.

    Clean up on aisle 9 for Janet! There ya go, wiped that double post all up for you. Though I'll let someone else take care of your snotty nose should it come back. :)

  9. It's the vertigo that's the real mind destroyer. Need an entire crew to help me with that one LOL

    Cripes, I have to get ready for the mimes.

    Speaking of Mimes, we had one at work for Halloween.

    Me and the mime:

    Me and the Mime trying to bust the safe. "Maybe I can crack it open with my Angry Slug Look!"

    Me having a little snack of Danni

    Since this photo, I've had my eyebrows cleaned up. A little Vietnamese woman went total Ninja and waxed on and waxed em off. It HURT. :)

    Not the roller derby photatoes. But I can tell you, I have better coloring now than I did on Halloween :)

  10. Awesome pics, Janet!!

    Head still clogged. I feel like I'm on a plane or under water.

    Glad I came into the mimes, though as new admin team member started today.

    Tonight - must write!

  11. Love the pics, Janet. Your costume was way cool -- and I think those eyelashes might be alive.

  12. I'm wearing em right now sugarpants. :)

    Actually, I love wearing false eyelashes. Like in plays. Probably why I love the theatre. But in "real life" I barely wear make-up and not very "gurly".

    Many at work commented on the feathery eyelashes... still do, and say I should play more with my eyelashes but for work. To "fun it up" a little. Not sure about that.

    But since Halloween, I've had my hair cut shorter than ever and waxed my brows. Mary type hair, in There's Something About Mary. Little hair, big eyes.

    I truly needed a pick me up "mini--spa treatment". All it was was a Great Clips haircut and wax job of $10 and even male coworkers have mentioned I look a ton more happier and a bit more polished. I feel better, sexier and some of my old trooper self.

    Sorry don't mean to be all about me. It's just silly how little things can really help after such a horrendous year. I've been making life changes and trudging through all the stuff that needs to be done since watching my Mom fall away from me from a sickening, disgusting, gruesome death of the final days of pancreatic cancer after years of morbid obesity killing her off slowly and with deliberation...

    It's silly how a haircut can make you feel you've got your groove on.

    I dunno, does that make sense? Cause I also think I'm going through pre-menopause stuff to boot. God does this year suck??!?!? (But I've got sexy, sassy hair again so it's okay for now)! ROFL)

    Glad the pixs gave you guys a laugh :) We love Halloween here at my house. Glad to work at a place that does, too. The "Mime" is a coworker, she mimicked everyone all day.

    ((((Andi))) thank you and you know what for and why. And if you don't know, maybe one day I'll tell you.