Monday, November 29, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders Having What She's Having

Taken November 15, 2010.

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  1. To run free among the leaves sounds pretty good to me.
    Head hurts from too much pondering and a change in the weather.
    Slow rain right now. We can use it.

    Feels good to be in my writing area at the usual ungodly hour.

    The purge can now continue. Hubby and I are digging for gold. Old jewelry that is. Gold is over $1400per ounce. Sonboy is needing money for flying.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Monday, Monday!!! This Monday, I *like* - off today as I am working Friday (doing an inhouse training) so I'm lollygagging about.

    Just under 25,000 words this weekend. Yes, indeedy. I am a writing GODDESS!! ::punches air::

    I do tend to do this, fiddle about in my head and a bit of actual writing, then something gels and Shazam!

    One of these days, I'd love to be the quiet, calm writer, who writes steadily every day until it's done. Haven't done it yet. ::g:: (I'm on a bit of a high right now!)

    Running a couple of errands this a.m. then back home to watch season 1 eps of the West Wing. No writing today as I must rest my hands/wrists & brain.

    Happy day, all!!!

  3. "You gonna eat that? Lemme roll in it first."

    Lisa, good luck finding jewelry you want to part with!

    Maria, that kind of total is awesome, even when factoring in a 4-day weekend!

    Mary (from last night) — yeah, when you have characters like those running around, you need to move quickly and quietly!

    Called in sick today. Last night was one of those where I had major chills. Mrs. Fetched threw an electric blanket on me, then I got too hot. Mrs. Fetched wants me to go to the doc, but I've had this before and it's a signal that the end is near, so I'll just tough it out & try to rest a little today.


  4. "Don't bogart that scat my friend."

    Get better Farf! But you had me giggling. "it means it's the end" :)

    Friend gave me this to read

    So my hair's on fire. But it's worth the read. I've never been much of the consumer zombie. In fact, the xmas ads are now looking and sounding more and more like Pavlov Bells. My partner keeps talking about holiday budgets and I really could care less about christmas. Kids just are glad their dog is alive and they have a new cat to love. I think they want a tree but beyond that... it doesn't really matter to them either. It's not a Bah Humbug, it's just I just don't respond to it all like Pavlov's dogs. I can't forget all of the world's woes and only focus on christmas goodies.

    Maybe it's because we feed the hungry all year long and Wayne does meals on two wheels every week. So the fact that people start 'giving' during the holidays (if they even do) while complaining of the growing number of homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks of stores kinda rubs me the wrong way. Hunger doesn't take a holiday. And I finally told the store across the street that I won't enter it while they have a bell ringer for the Salvation ARMY outside it and exactly why I won't. (They are extremely anti-gay)

    Don't even get me started on Toys for Tots. I can't get the "Christmas Spirit" of Marines being taught how to kill women and children aka Insurgents and then get a pass because they collect toys for the "good children" of America.

    Soldiers giving toys, to me, is pretty much as ridiculous as firemen burning books in F. 451. Or believing in words like "transition" instead of "take over". The lies, the words, the make beleive. As John Lennon sang, just give me some truth. I'm so sick of it.

    Another neighbor just lost their house, but the house around it are lit up for the holidays. Maybe I'm the freak. But it just seems like so many are asleep at the wheel and they like it that way. I even hear it, "Oh I don't want to know about that" or "I don't want to think about that." Maybe it's too hard to be aware cause then you have to make a choice? Cognizance is a bad thing nowadays it seems.. but silent or apathetic consent is good?

    More and more, this time of year turns me off. More and more, I can see shades of Dark City, 1984 and even the Matrix...

    oh look something shiny! What was I talking about? :)

  5. Morning! You've earned the break, Maria - enjoy your fake Friday! And I hope your "end" is conditional, Farf! Feel better.

    Yay for purging, Lisa - esp. when it results in $$. I'm going to be forced into doing more = small condo with little storage space. Probably won't earn $1400/ounce though, sigh. :-)

    Now movers are due either this afternoon or tomorrow. Something about the driver having an expired license...the saga continues. Maybe tomorrow I'll sleep in my own bed.

    Off to run errands and see what I can find in this city. Although secretly wishing I was heading off for a walk in the woods with the pack, instead.

    Mighty Monday, y'all!

  6. Good luck with that panning for gold, Lisa.

    Prodigious output, Maria. I suspect that there are a lot of writers who would like to have what you're having. :)

    That wasn't gross enough to be worth rolling in, Farf (whew). Hope you're right about feeling better soon.

    oh look something shiny! What was I talking about? The dogs welcome you to the joys of dogdom, Janet. ;)

    Welcome to the non-joys of unpacking, Beth. But it feels does usually feel worth it when your tired body gets to sleep in its own bed.

  7. Andi, I think the cartoon movie was "UP" where the one dog had a collar that enabled it to speak, "SQUIRREL!"

    Danni was one day going on a rant about Uganda. Her school has become a sister school to one there and she was going OFF about politics and apathy and well, you know... typical banter in Casa Azul. Someone is always jacked up about something.

    Then in mid sentence she gets this happy face and points to the sliding glass door, "SQUIRREL!"


  8. We have long, philosophical and political discussions and debates while on car trips.

    "SQUIRREL!" then becomes "LOOK, MOO COW!"

  9. For Jim and I, the irresistible car distraction is "Oh look at that cool geologic formation".

  10. Ah, then you would LOVE Danni. She's all about rocks, crystals, geodes and even small pebbles. :)

    She was a real bummer to hike with when she was little because she'd slip river rock into your gear.