Monday, November 15, 2010

Treeing Hounds

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  1. Dog energy--I need some to start the week.
    Feeling better though I scalded my hand on pasta water last night and had to sleep with cold compress. No blistering so just a wimp when it comes to pain.

    Glad your Moms could enjoy time with all.

    Safe travels Beth.

    Six more queries out this weekend.
    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. How does a dog climb a tree? When it's horizontal. :)

    Let's all say at least one of Lisa's queries will get a bite — this time for sure!

    Snippet's back… the good news there is that I can give Mason to her & be out the door. When she gets her sorry ass out of bed.

  3. Monday, Monday...not so good to me...

    No voice today. Cold is winning. :(

    Lisa, glad you're feeling better, though scalding, OUCH!! Sending you loads of great vibes on the queries!!

    Farf, I follow your family drama in amusement and horror. Never having lived around extended family, it's always a source of fascination for me. You are a saint!!

    ::waves at the rest of you all::

    ::crawls back to bed::

  4. Dog and kid energy - too bad they can't bottle it.

    Get well wishes to Maria and Lisa's hand, doggone it.

    Fingers and toes crossed re the queries, Lisa!!

    No traveling today, phew - hanging with the twin. Very relaxing day ahead before I continue the journey westward ho.

    I don't know how you do it, Farf. All of that drama would make me nuts! Gold stars for your patience.

    Pleasant Monday to all!

  5. If we could figure out a way too siphon off Bebo's energy, Lisa, we could be like the Energizer bunny. Good luck with the letters.

    Don't forget, Farf, that Bebo does vertical [link] as well. :D

    Tea with lemon and chicken soup will beat that cold, Maria. At least that's what my mom believes.

    Hope you enjoy your relaxing day, Beth. And happy travels west.

  6. Pretty much what Maria said.

    Sinus headache - the weather is changing here.

  7. Bebo has suitably impressed me!

    Chronicling the family drama is both a source of therapy (that, and the occasional dive into another world), and a little left-handed payback. It took the usual three attempts to get Snippet downstairs this morning, BTW.

    Rainy day on Planet Georgia. I stayed in for lunch and made soup (1 6oz can chicken, 1 ea 8oz can of corn, peas, greenbeans; a few dried tomatoes & mushrooms and 1/2 a jalapeno for flavor, plus some Mrs. Dash stuff. Turned out a little spicier than I expected, and the ramen I threw in at the end soaked up at least half the broth. But I got leftovers!

  8. Poor Lisa, hope the hand is less sore. Been busy and poorly, my asthma's always a nuisance this time of year and my formerly frozen shoulder has been reminding me of its existence; both getting better now and I'm feeling more human. Also been sad, as Dylan, our nearly 18 year-old moggie took his last trip to see the vet 10 days ago.
    However, as a fully-signed-up, flag-waving monarchist, the royal wedding news has perked me up!

    Waves to all who enter here!