Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Spark of Fall

Taken November 2, 2010.

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  1. Thanksgiving Eve and no turkey is gobbling at our house.
    We're going to BIL's.
    I did buy a turkey cheap for later. Too good a deal to pass up.
    Tonight Tamales--Mexican night. Bought them for a choir fundraiser but they are great tamales. I love the black bean and corn.
    Got Cube steak for chicken fried steak one night and a pork loin for the third meal.
    That was what was on sale so worked for me.

    Enjoyed grocery shopping. Hubby and I went out together and found some things at Hobby Lobby for him. I scored new, super soft pjs at Costco. We are easily amused.

    Will do some cleaning and cooking today. No more purging for a couple of days.

    Weather warm at 69 predawn then this evening DROPS.

    Weds. Winking at Thanksgiving to All.

  2. Wow, I guess everyone is tied up this week. Hi Lisa and Andi!

    Dinner tomorrow will be at the in-laws' place. Yay, that means no cleaning freak-out. I'm on the hook to make challah bread but that's not too difficult.

    Miming at home today. Still warmer than normal but not as warm as last week. I got a little more White Pickups written (first book for a change!) at lunch yesterday, Book 2 really starts developing Delphinia and what I wrote yesterday sets it up. Later!

  3. Happy day before Turkey day, Lisa. I don't enjoy grocery shopping but I've got to go do some.

    Heh Farf, I guess everybody is absorbed in holiday prep. I'm probably about to disappear because we're about to have heavy rains (first time since June and first time for flood warnings since then too) which means my satellite internet will be kaput.

  4. Morning, gang!!!!

    Mmm, Lisa, I'm coming to your house!!

    Farf, challah, yummy, yummy.

    I'm @ the mimes today, but none of us are in the working mood. I've got a wonderful review this morning @ Fresh Fiction. Needless to say, I'm doing the happy dance!!

    Wishing all of you a fabulous Turkey day with all the fixin's!!

  5. One of the things I loved about a particular book of Nancy's, all the writing about the SW food. It was a hardback and inside both covers were recipes. I've made some of them. Chile Rellanoes were incredible and made with sweetened condensed milk so were more of a dessert like item but oh so filling.

    Antoher long day at the store. People are going nuts. Got to get a few perishables tonight anf get the bird brining for tomorrow.

    Lots of ice on the roads. Supposed to get some snow tonight but I no longer pay attention to anything, including weather, that is spouted on the "news". They can't even get the weather correct.

    One tradition we have here is that we play Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" during dinner prep. :) One of the few songs that mentions Thanksgiving.

    You can have anything you want...

  6. Congrats Maria!!!

    Challah makes the most fantastic French toast. (You have to have stale Challah - who can let it go stale without gobbling it all up? - or you can cut it and broil it up a bit before dipping in the egg/milk mixture.

    It's incredible

  7. Bad news: I'm on dial-up.

    Good news: because it's raining lots.

    I'll check out that review, Maria, when I get the satellite back but I'm sure it's well deserved.

    They're talking snow here tomorrow night (when we'll be driving back home from Cincy), Janet. I hope they're wrong for both of us.

    IMHO even better than challah is rye bread french toast (with minced garlic and onion). Wonderfully savory french toast.