Friday, November 5, 2010

Sometimes a Great Motion

Taken October 24, 2010.

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  1. You did it, Lisa! I woke up last night at 1:20 a.m. ... to the sound of rain! Best way I've ever had my night's sleep interrupted. :)

  2. WOOHOO for RAIN, Andi.

    Amazing how easily we are amused.

    Lovely clouds pic today.

    Yesterday was a better day at work and had dinner with a friend. Tempura--Yummmy.

    Hubby and Sonboy going to Cherokee for the start of deer season today. More testosterone filled times. Hubby missed Sonboy's visit last week, so glad they will spend time together.

    Daughter's trying to get me to go to the dog park with the dogs, tomorrow. She wants to take at least one of them on the Turkey Trot. I shake my head, but wish her well with that.

    Maria, good writing--FAST. Bundle up.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  3. Yay for Andi's rain!!!

    Oy, deer season - never my favorite time of the year when I was in Tx. All that macho posturing with bonus!guns & beer.

    Just finished brekkie and am going to do some mild exercise before I crack open the laptop & get to the writing.

    See you all on the other side!!

  4. Yay for rain, Andi!

    Lisa, around here, "going to Cherokee" means hitting the casinos (Cherokee NC). I just find that amusing.

    Write, Maria, write!

    At the mimes, got a townhall thingie in 10 mins. Got no writing done yesterday, didn't have the drive but can feel things perking below the surface. I should be in good shape.


  5. Well I've been out in the woods and the rain wasn't quite as heavy as it sounded in the night but better to have a little bit than none at all.

    It's early archery deer season here so the woods are still safe but gun season starts the 13th -- I wish I could send all the hunters to Cherokee. :)

    Happy writing, Maria.

    Hope those things "peking" perk right up, Farf. ;)

  6. Maybe the rain came from me and the kids cursing the gawdsthatbe last night over such horrible officiating and downright sickening lack of play on the part of our San Jose Sharks. I was like that little old crankster with his fists shaking at the skies. Damn you clouds er non-clouds!

    Maria, I'm with you on the testosterone bs and hunting. Hunting is only a sport if the deer were also packing heat. My husband doesn't need have to proove he's "macho" by killing stuff. He goes out and feeds people. Spends time working with kids who need bikes. He is a fly fisherman... but catch and release. My husband has had some fun times with my Bubba Redneck Poacher cousins who can't even break down their rifles or stow them away properly. At a reunion with tons of kids around, a cousing just left his rifle on the floor by his bed like it was dirty laundry. My son alerted us and the cousing laughed saying he had "no use for nobody who had no use for guns". My husband went in the room where there were several kids and broke the rifle down military style and well... basically threatened my cousin with ending his hunting days forever if he ever caught him endangering children like that again. He's never said a word to us since. Not even at my mom's funeral. I think Wayne blew his mind that a Democrat from Boston knew how to handle weaponry. My husband grew up in a hunt to eat household and was a military man. He just doesn't buy into the macho bs of it which usually results in injury or death of an innocent.

    Farf, hey you know where I work and why :) Sustainability and keeping it locak is the key to it all. Here's the link to the article but the urban farming is a few paragraphs down.

    A coworker got her apartment owners to agree to turn a large empty lot into a community garden. The apartment dwellers did all the work and maintenance. All of it. They have come together as a ... ta da community. It hasn't cost them much as they got lots of stuff for free or exchange from craigslist. Like they traded the carefully removed sod for tons of seeds and even a garden bench. Old people showing todlers how to plant carrots. It's been great.

    They had a few scoffers who bellyached about it at first. "Why don't you just go to WalMart for your food and leave the grassy area alone." Now the apartments are highly sought after place to live because of the garden and true communal feeling.

    Yippie my day off. I promised Wayne I'd make him cookies for fixing my cars thermostat thingy. I so can't wait to get my all Electric car. But we're not getting the Nissan Leaf which is opening in Oregon. We're trying to wait for the iMiev by Mitsubishi. But now our electricity is all done by windturbine and our costs are going down! Whoot!

  7. Oops sorry for the typos and run ons. Multi-tasking and dyslexia strikes again! :P

  8. Congrats on the rain, Andi.

    Waves madly at Janet. Long time no see.

    Halloooos to all. Book's done and in and I'm letting my brain rest right now. Might go out and play with Neil's pups again this afternoon as the day is beautiful.

  9. Madly waves back at Kelly McC

    It' is a beautiful day so why am I putttering around on this computer?!?!

    Congratulations on "The End"!!!

    Been reading apocolyptic sci-fi. Alas, Babylon - The Road (haven't seen the movie) I need to pick up a new book. Might mosey over to Powells and see what's shaken on the McCullough shelf :)

  10. Yay Kelly for finishing the book!

    Janet, my respect for the way you live your value approaches awe. Just wanted you to know that. :) I also wanted to chime in about Wes — I got bullied a lot through school, and still don't like to think about it much, so I needed a little temporal space first. His being a special-needs kid makes it an order of magnitude worse. What goes around comes around, if not in this life then in the afterlife.

    One of the low-income apartments in town did a community garden. People loved it and pitched in — even more than food, people are lacking in community and need something like this just to give people an excuse to meet their neighbors.

    Put me down as one who doesn't mind hunting so much. It's the most honest way to eat meat that I can think of. BTW, it doesn't happen often, but deer do sometimes give hunters a little payback. I've seen one or two instances caught on video.

    Electric cars are a great idea… I'll probably give them a serious look once they get to a 120-mile minimum range (i.e. on a cold winter morning, which makes batteries sluggish just when they're needed to run the heater too).

    Andi, I'm pretty sure I wrote "perking" up above. Or did you edit it?