Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sheltered in the Pawpaw Patch

Taken October 31, 2010.

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  1. I get a hankering for a glass of iced tea or some biscuits and cream gravy when I see PawPaw Patch. Sounds so southern.

    I was the root of all evil at school. Translation--I don't put up with their crap at school and a couple got an extended holiday. "Suspended and it's your fault," one said in that hate tone. Ya want to say, "No, I didn't make you act like an asshole."
    The week before a holiday is bad. They get very emotionally unstable. One pain-in-the-drain girl was supposed to get out the next day and seemed to be doing everything to get a longer stay. When the principal asked if she had been so bad I wanted her to stay longer--Heck no. And if you can let her out today--do it. So he did--WooHoo.

    Hair cut/color, mulched leaves, finished clearing off the living room shelves. Continuing the purge. Then early to bed.

    Safe travel to Beth.

    Yeah, Rain and Sunshine, Andi!!!

    Thursday winking a Friday to All.

  2. You do a great job with those kids, Lisa. Takes a special person to do well in that environment. Gold stars AND brownie points!

    I don't even know what a PawPaw is, except what I've heard my cousins call their grandfather (being from NC and all).

    In El Paso - arriving in Phoenix today. Just 6 more hours of driving. Picking up keys to condo tomorrow. No clue when my stuff will get here, so I'll rough it til then. VERY ready to be off the road and settled. And back on a normal routine.

    Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned. I have a DATE on Friday AND Saturday! Woo hoo! :-) The next chapter begins.

    Andi, hope you had lots of rain, late though it is. Better than snow!

    Happy Thursday to everyone to come!!

  3. There's a Paw Paw Michigan, I grew up in the next county up from it.

    Lisa, maybe you should take it as a compliment that the pain-girl wanted to stay there in your class. As for the suspended whiner — I've heard that kind of thing so many times from The Boy. Nothing's his fault, mind you. It runs on his mom's side of the family. I always thought their family crest should have two hands pointing fingers and the motto NON•MEA•CULPA•EST.

    Have fun on your date, Beth — but not too much fun!

  4. I think of Pawpaw as very hoosier, Lisa -- heck, they even call the fruit the Indiana Banana. :)

    Safe driving and yay for journey's end, Beth. And we did get some more rain early this morning so more yay.

    There's a Paw Paw in Indiana, Farf -- I guess we midwesterners suffer from a lack of imagination. ;)

  5. Morning, all!

    Still sinusy (bah, humbug). SOoooo glad it's my Fake!Friday!

    Going to a memorial service today for a lovely woman (client, friend). ::is sad::

    But definitely looking forward to short week next week with FIVE glorious days off in a row!!

    Happy nearly weekend!

  6. FarF love the Latin motto there, made me grin.

    Hallooo to all.

    Been spending most of the month so far having to play grownup and not much enjoying it. Insurance, contractors, vet, dentist, periodontist, oral surgeon, starting the new book because it needs finished more than because I'm ready to write it, etc.


  7. Hi, all. The weather gods have smiled and we have sun here. And my sinuses are telling me no change in the immediate future!

    Maria, hope yours calm soon.

    And love the Paw Paw stories. I thought it was great grandfather.

  8. Sorry about your loss, Maria. And I hope you feel better in time for your many days off.

    That's a really yucky list (except for the book, of course), Kelly. Too much reality in your life.

    Howdy, Dina. We're back to sunshine here tomorrow but since we've had two days in a row with rain (I can't remember the last time that happened but I'm sure it was June), I don't mind some sun.