Friday, November 19, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Jackson Pollock

Taken November 2, 2010.

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    Heading to Cherokee this afternoon for a couple of days of solitude before the holiday.

    Maria, have a great writing weekend.

    Beth, Glad you are at the end of the road for a while.

    Andi, slow rain, maybe more will come your way.

    Farf, I get to go home from the young sweeties. You go home to them--Cyberhugs.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Morning, gang!!

    Lisa, thanks for the writing vibes. I will tap into them this afternoon after I get back from....drumroll... going to see Deathly Hallows!!

    It occurred to me yesterday afternoon that duh, I have Friday off. I can go to see the movie at 10:30 in the morning! So, I bought a ticket online and am heading off in a few to the theatre.

    See you all on the flip side!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Morning! Nice moody shot, Andi.

    Dinking around, putting off the commute a few minutes longer here. The Boy got out of jail yesterday, of course they said he'd be out at 4 & we sat on our, um, thumbs, for 3 hours. We got supper, and Mason was an absolute horror story until the food arrived & I gave him a bunch of my fajita chicken. Then The Boy got to hear about Snippet's best (male) friend sexting her while he was in the Cinder Block Hilton. He didn't look too happy. Blog at 11 (or sometime tonight).

    Lisa, enjoy Cherokee. Maria, enjoy the movie.

    (from yesterday) Glad I could make you LOL, Kelly.

    OK, M.A.E. is up, so if Mason's awake there will be someone here. Off to the mimes.

  4. So here's what's up...

    Shinobi's biopsy came back as BENIGN! Hooray! She's doing very well.

    And I'm heading over to House of Dreams to go meet Dylan. A long haired hippie cat who is 5 years old and never has had a home. We won't be bringing him home today as the team needs to give him an exit exam and go over our papers and check out our home. But hopefully everything works out.

    I know! This is CRAZY!!!! I expected my husband and my best friend to talk me out of this but they GASP thought it was a great idea. Bad timing, bad season, and all... but I saw his face and fell in love. It's going to be so hard seeing all those cats and only coming out with one. They do such a great job at the House of Dreams. It's a free roam, no kill home (not a shelter) totally run by volunteers. They have a seperate area for the FeLV + cats to live out their lives with each other.

    It's crazy! I came out of the shower yesterday to get ready for the mimes and Wayne handed me the phone as a surprise. I was interviewed for the adoption process while in shock and in a towel LOL

    My heart will never heal completely after losing my Kitty of 12 years, but it still has room for one more.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Happy Friday to all.

    Janet, I am convinced that Kitty sent Dylan to you with a bit of Kitty in him. That is what I feel happened with all my furbuds. There is always a connection to the one that left. And there is always room in one's heart for the new one.

    Maria, hope you loved the movie.

    Good weekend thoughts to all!

  6. Janet, Sprite (the alien kitty from Planet Lardassia) sends happy purr vibes to you and Dylan!

    Maria, I've already seen Twitter reviews that the movie wasn't as good as the book, but that's pretty much always the case.

  7. I'm baaack!!

    Janet, that's awesome news!! and yay for new kitteh!!!

    Farf - IMHO, movie was way better than the book (caveat, I did not like most of DH the book, as I thought it was badly in need of editing).

    Movie ended exactly at the right point.

    I must admit, there were tears...well, okay, I nearly bawled at the scene where (in the beginning) they reach the Burrow (post 7 Potters). George is injured & Fred comforts him. Knowing the outcome, I nearly lost it. :(

    Also teary eyed near the end of part the first (Dobby).

    I really enjoyed what David Yates did with the film. Fair warning - VERY little levity. This is dark and gets much darker.

    Anyhow - grocery trip post movie to TJ's and I'm stocked up on good healthy food and am ready for lunch.

    Ciao, all.

  8. Hope you get everything you want from your trip to Cherokee, Lisa (plus maybe some pics to show us).

    What a fun way to spend your not-working day, Maria. Movies that make you bawl and Trader Joe's -- sounds like a great day.

    Oh Farf, I wish your life would get simpler and easier.

    Janet, I'm so happy for all of you. Such great news on Shinobi and the new pootie.

    Hiya Dina. Great weekend to you, too.

  9. Met Dylan and he's definitely THE ONE! He's a big love muffin and instantly melted Mr. Hockey's cold, black New England heart :)

    I wish I could have found homes for all the others... some will just live out their lives there. Why on earth do people BUY animals is beyond me when there are so many needing homes.

    He's been there for 2 1/2 years. Not much history on him though. They don't believe he was an abuse case. Possibly an ababdoned.

    Everything went well and he's at their vets right now as they wanted him in our home asap. He should be dropped off at our home this Saturday!

    Dylan's no longer like a rolling stone. :)