Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Degas

Degas appearance courtesy Paintshop Pro and its flip feature.
Taken October 24, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Looks like my brain feels after election night.

    No more Political Ads--WooHoo.

    Rain, Glorious Rain.

    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  2. Morning Lisa. Gawd, what an awful election night. I wish we had some rain to offset my gloom.

  3. It might rain here, although I expect the pod people to be giddy instead. Well, it was bad but not worst.

    Mason was up way too late last night, like past 1, and squalled briefly at irregular intervals all night. So my brain may not be firing on all eight today. Oh well, there's always Blessed Coffee.

    Waving at everyone coming later…

  4. Perfect picture for today. I stayed up late watching local returns - waiting for the City vote to come in, as usual. Then I remembered I had a conference call first thing this morning and I should have thought to be more rested. Oh well.

    Thank god this election is over and the ads are gone. And there is a coffee shop in my building with good coffee. :)

    Back from Florida and Disneyworld where the weather was beautiful over the weekend, so I'm jealous of Beth. I know I'll get over it because I like the seasons. But today I'd like to still be on vacation.

  5. Howdy, Farf. Poor Mason was probably distraught over the elections. I know I felt like a colicky baby.

    I'd like to be on vacation from America, Mary -- maybe permanently.

  6. Still reeling after the election. Turned to jelly beans - it was not pretty.

    Maybe bourbon next?!?!

  7. dina, I found it was dangerous to have an election like that just when all the Halloween candy went on sale. Or maybe it was serendipitous. Yeah ... yeah it was a GOOD thing.

  8. Not that big on bourbon, Dina, but I'd join you in drowning our sorrows in vodka gimlets.

    Well, Mary, at the very least it was good thing for the candy makers.

  9. Sounds like a good thing that I ignored them completely...I'm guessing I wouldn't be happy, either. Sigh. We live in a land of lemmings.

    Pouring in Key West. I skipped the opening parking lot concert when I saw the lightning. So I'm inside warm and dry, instead of out there walking in the rain. Supposed to rain the next couple of days - you know how much I love rain, but the timing sucks. I'll find inside things to do.

    Sorry I didn't get to see you in FL, maryb! Glad you had fun.

    Weird being back around the people I avoided last winter...strange vibes coming from them. Verifies that leaving Port Charlotte was a good move for me.

    Drinking coke and tequila to go with Dina's bourbon...