Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaves Up

Taken October 29, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last.

    Beth, sorry I didn't make it clear that Head's picture wasn't from a blog post -- it was at another site. He's hasn't started blogging again. :(

    ... back to today.

    We're off to the surgery center in a bit. No idea how long it will be because although the actual cataract removal only take 20 minutes or so, they love making you wait (last time it was almost 2 hours before she went in and then she waited another hour). Shorter version: see ya all later.

  2. Take something to read and hope Mom recovers quickly this time too, Andi.

    Hanging on to cold so will be grateful for week to end so I can collapse and be a wimp.
    Plenty of C, vicks vapor rub and other meds to keep me propped up and breathing.

    Hope Dog does well with surgery, Janet.

    Maria--WooHoo on book sales.

    Beth--fasten your seat belt for a little longer then RELAXXXX in Arz.

    Thursday Winking At Friday.

  3. Morning, all.

    No energy today. Heading off to the mimes as I can't afford to take off right now, but oh well.

    Let's hope the day passes quickly!

  4. Good thoughts to all the medical ones! Hope to hear good news soon.

  5. Howdy everybody. Everything went well, including getting in right away.

  6. (((Andi))) that's awesome!

    Saw Shinobi last night after surgery and her emergency blood transfusion. The mass she had was huge - perneal lymphoma (SP) not sure still if it's benign or not. She whined when we left and got a bit upset. They expect for her to come home today with numerous special instructions. They spent extra time with Wes answering his concerns before he even saw her. I didn't want any "goodbyes" so that is why we waited for him to see her untill after the surgery - to see her recoverying. Too many good byes. Bill is around $4,000!!! But.. somehow I can't get upset over that. She's never cost us much before so it's a post investment after a dozen years. Past taxes if you will. Docs do agree she could have a few more years left and we intend for those to be the best.

    Lisa and other cold sufferers - give Elderberry a try. Comes in syrup form or capsule.

    Hope people can take a moment and think of what this day means.

  7. Sending healthy hugs to all two- and four-footed ones.

    Gorgeous day in St Augustine - watched a Tall Ship sail in today, which was very cool. Sunny and breezy and 70s - hopefully it stays this way for a while. I, of course, will be heading to AZ on Sunday, and hoping the weather is the same for a while.

    Love the colors in that shot, andi! And I figured he wasn't blogging, but thanks for finding the pic for me. Sure do miss our absent friends.

    Somber day indeed in many ways. Take care, all.

  8. Andi, glad your mom's cataract surgery went well.

    And Janet good news from your side of the country too.

    Always nice to tune in and find good news.

  9. Hi Beth. Glad you had a nice day.

    Thanks Mary.

    Night everybody.