Friday, November 12, 2010

Leaves Down

Taken October 29, 2010.

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  1. Let's just say the Ibuprofen is kicking in and my head is not super stopped up, but YUCK.
    Only have to work till noon and then will come home and crash. Fridays I only teach three classes. Usually get ready for the next week during the afternoon.

    Andi, glad Mom did well and Janet hope the pup improves too.

    Maria, hope this is an early weekend day for you, so you can rest and recover.
    At least we'll be well by Thanksgiving.

    Beth, soak in all the ocean before heading west. Both have their own beauty.

    Good that blog friends can avoid germs.
    Great day to All.

  2. Yay for half-days, Lisa. And time to rest and recuperate this weekend. Thanksgiving - egads. The holidays are zooming up!

    And yay for gorgeous fall colors. Not sure I'll see any between here and AZ.

    Looking forward to experiencing the beauty of the desert - but the ocean will always call me home. As long as there's no icy roads, I'll be happy!

    Trying to gear up for the last push. Taking it easy today. Will need to be up and gone way before dawn tomorrow to meet the movers, and then lots of driving ahead. Will check in as I can.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, and TGIF!

  3. Morning, gang!

    Lisa, I empathize with you greatly. Sinus infection + bonus!chest cold now. BAH. Sending you get well vibes!

    Beth, safe travels!!

    Definitely @ home today - I *must* get more done on the blasted book. Hope my brain cooperates.

    TGIF for you worker bees!!

  4. Hi Lisa, Beth, and Maria. Took mom for her 24 hours check and the doctor said everything looks good so I'll be getting to go home pretty soon. Yay for me.

    Bummer for Lisa and Maria not feeling well. Hope all is better soon.

  5. Yeehaw, Andi — great news!

    Lisa, hope you get some rest. A friend in OR works for the school district and he said they had Vets Day off & today's a furlough day… so he's already well into a four-day weekend.

    Beth, are you flying or driving to AZ?

    Maria, saw your tweet about your productive morning. You a little feverish maybe? Hope you get to feeling better but get lots of writing done along the way…

    I'm running on too little sleep today. Mason was up from 3-5 this morning. Some time during the day, Snippet got The Boy’s phone & turned it on, leaving it in the living room where the alarm went off at 6am and woke the adults up. Then Mrs. Fetched's phone rang at 8 and woke all three of us. Oh well, I at least temporarily got rid of Snippet last night, so maybe it's worth it!

  6. Driving, Farf. Got to get the car to AZ! Flying would be nice, but this gives me a few days of peace - just driving, not dealing with the millions of tasks involved in moving. So it'll be just fine.

  7. Heyo folks, snow tonight and no new roof yet. But neither the contractor nor the insurance adjustor seemed worried about waiting till spring. Since, barring a warm snap, there's no way it gets done before that, I'll hope they're right.

    Belated hugs to {{{Janet}}} on the doggy's behalf.

    Good travels to Beth.

    Hallooos and best wishes to all.

  8. Thought I posted today but I guess not. Over did it this morning and the brain went on vacation.

    But lovely Fall day.

  9. I hope you get a nice night's sleep tonight, Farf.

    Ugh, Kelly. It would totally freak me out to have to wait through winter to get a roof fixed.

    Brain vacations sound like a wonderful time to me, Dina.