Thursday, November 4, 2010

In a Pastel Place

Taken October 23, 2010.

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  1. Feeling I need to be a bit more pastel.
    Yesterday was filled with vibrant anger and frustration. Mine and students'.
    Fellow teachers make me bang my head on the wall.
    Today will be a better day.

    3 inches of rain in two days and then sun in the afternoon--perfect.
    Andi, hope the rain slides up your direction.

    Thursday Winking at Friday. Hurry Friday.
    A great day to all.

  2. Aw, Lisa.... :( Here's to a smoother, more relaxed day.

    It's been a bit of a busy week. Winter weather knocking at the front door - cold and blustery until today, which added rain. Had to wear my woolen peacoat yesterday!

    Sequestering myself again this weekend. Must. Write. FAST.

    Happy almost Friday!!

  3. Morning…

    Lisa, bad enough the kiddos do what comes natural, you also have to battle your supposed comrades? Sheesh.

    Writing vibes for Maria!

    I am simultaneously amused and annoyed at the publisher who stole an article off the web then was brazen enough to tell the writer they should have charged her for editing it. If that's the depths they have to sink to to stay afloat (pun not intended but I like it), then print truly is dying.

    Freeze warnings have been posted for the weekend. Of course, it's mid- to upper-60s come Monday, when I'll be in the flippin' office. Later!

  4. Recovering from our virtual cocktail party last night!

    It is raining again. Need I say more?

  5. Yesterday was a HARD day at work. Gorgeous day here in Oregon but there was plenty of angry people out and those teabaggers were prematurely gloating. But it all ended well. Thanks to Portland voters, Oregon is still a BLUE state.

    Was scary 24 hours because the other's guys plans were to cut this and cut that while helping out his uber rich pals. Typical. I've already lived in a state with a dumb rick jock as Gov. LOL

    Been hectic and haven't been on lately. Lots of GOTVing and nasty incident involving my son. He was able to vote :) but there was some extreme cyber bullying.

    He got a facebook account over the summer - not our idea - a family member told him about it. He has no clue of friend or if people or mocking him or targeting him. His program director knew of our concerns and had worries of his own and with other kids in the program. They looked at the accounts and there was a predator on Wes' site and he's a local.

    What made me more mad was the "mean girls" brigade. Wes thought they were his friends but they just had him around as the and I quote "token retard". They had him in chats about the most horrendous topics you couldn't imagine.... and he was clueless. For example: they'd tell him to join up with a FB chat and it was about "thumbers". I had no idea what that meant. It's a sex site.... and Wes was in there asking people if they had any pets, or liked hockey. And they all had a good laugh. So that's why it's been crazy here.

    I had to change my schedule to be home. Police and his high school were notified. Program is "on it" about social networking skills and people skills. I feel mad, scared and trying to turn this into a learning experience for all instead of just a fright fest.

    Speaking of which, we had a great Halloween nonetheless and I'm still skating and still shaking off the poundage.

    Sorry I've been "no vacancy" but kids come first.

    At least now I can breathe a bit easier at least with the elections gone with for now. But work is gearing up for the big one... Thanksgiving LOL

    No rest for the Wicked. Damn it. :)

  6. Oh but one bright spot! Hockey is still going on but other than hockey we are Red Sox and Giants fans.


    Best friend's son was the game... I think he's still partying.

    Only down part of the series was when San Francisco played the Rangers in Texas. War Criminals should be in jail not at ball games. I finally went into another room and just listened to the game as I got sick and tired of seeing that jerk's face being shown so many times.

    Wish you guys could be here in Portland. It was stormy last week and these past two days have been absolutely sweet. Red leaves all around and the sun is high (although that is still somewhat illegal here in OR and Cali) LOL

    November 4th and it's going to be 70. Wow and WTF.

  7. Catching up:

    maryb said...
    dina, I found it was dangerous to have an election like that just when all the Halloween candy went on sale. Or maybe it was serendipitous. Yeah ... yeah it was a GOOD thing.


    We took our leftover candy and I got some unopened bags from work for free and instead of binging on them ourselves we gifted them to the Dems GOTV phonebank crew. :)

    Danni trick or treated for UNICEF - only made 12 bucks in change. So tripled it.

    As to the ads and mudsliing, I really think we need campaign reform and complete transparency of who's funding whom. In fact I don't think their should be funding. Run on policy not on politics as usual.

    That way elections would be more of "the people have spoken" instead of "money talks"

    But... what do I know... I'm just a silly girl with a flower and peace sign. Which, as we all have been told, are weapons :P

  8. Yup, they're weapons alright, Janet. Weapons of the mind.

    On another blog I frequent, we're talking about stealth subversion — teabaggers don't give much thought to people who bicycle everywhere and/or grow their own food, or try to live a low-impact life in general, but those things strike right at the heart of who they are and their masters' (oops, I meant "sponsors") income stream.

  9. I hope you get a color change today, Lisa. I appreciate the rain thoughts, though it doesn't look very hopeful.

    Rain, rain, Maria. Everybody has got rain but me. :(

    We're going to be below freezing tonight and down to 23 Friday night, Farf.

    Sorry about all the disruption in your life, Janet -- especially people taking advantage of Wes. That stinks.

  10. ((Farf)) in Michigan they've made it a crime to grow an urban garden and for school kids to eat veggies from the school gardens. Doh!

    Andi, enjoy a Hoary Marmotini! The week's almost over :)

  11. Andi, I'm glad to hear your Mom's eye surgery went well. You both are blessed to have each other.

    I love the shot of Jim and the dogs on the couch. :)

    As to the cyberbullying.. maybe it's just me but these past few weeks the irony deficient crowd have just amazed me with their complete lack of or understanding of their own hypcorisy.

    One of the "mean girls" FB home was, "I love Jesus Christ" and showed a picture of her in a rather revealing tank top in her new car her Daddy bought her. A Lexxus sedan. This "I love Jesus Christ" was one of the ring leaders of tormenting Wesley.

    I wanted to forward her little lovely chats over to her precious "Daddy" but we were doing Facebook suicide as fast as we could. Wayne, Mr. Janet, noticed that not one of the bullies was a peace sign carrying, bleeding heart liberal or an atheist. In fact, almost all of the girls had some connection to a local Baptist church. Danni has a class with two of them and says they are the dirtiest trouble makers. Typical.

    The predator is known to the program because that's what he targets. Kids he knew from school who were special ed.

    You can tell alot about society and how it treats it's animals, disabled and elderly. This country is lacking in all three categories.

    As well as how we coddle and make excuses for the bullies. Young and old ones.

  12. Janet, bullying of any kind is so unacceptable. Sending hugs to you all.

  13. {{{Janet}}} hugs back… and I find that Michigan law both amusing and utterly stupid. I bet they don't enforce it in Detroit, which has one of the most advanced urban gardening orgs in the country. Stealth gardening is one of the things we've talked about on the other blog, although that's peripheral to the primary subject (energy depletion and the ripple effects).

    It's not difficult to put in a garden where it can't be seen, especially if your back yard faces south…

  14. Wow Janet, I am constantly amazed at how mean kids can be and then amazed at myself for not remembering. That sucks for Wes. And for you and Wayne too.

    During the world series my favorite commercials were the woodchucks chucking wood commercials. lol!

    On to hockey!

    Hi and Bye to everyone else.