Friday, November 26, 2010

In and Out

Both photos taken November 7, 2010
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  1. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was great. Good friends, great food, and I didn't even have to get in a car.

    Unfortunately, now I'm awake at four and wishing I were not. Hopefully back to bed soon. See y'all later.

  2. No school today, yeah! School work today, boo!

    Have a great day, all.

  3. I can totally agree with hurrahs for No School Today! Even if it is cold, windows not yet sealed up, and snow threatening.

    Up too early, the Gof4 doesn't acknowledge weekends or holidays. We just live to serve the cats, after all.

    Happy day to all.

  4. Beautiful Photos! I miss you. I am a bad friend.


  5. Happy post-turkey-coma day to all!!

    Did a lovely Skype video chat with the fam yesterday. Made winter veg soup in the crockpot for myself & spent the day writing, the later on watching the Mythbusters marathon on TV. Perfection!!

    Happy no-school Friday all!!

  6. Realized I didn't check in yesterday. Too much cooking and eating going on.
    Sure wasn't the Horn's winning. No bowl game for us.

    Great weather today--30's right now and sunny to be up in the 50s.

    No concrete plans which is great.
    Reveling in no school and sonboy in town.

    Jim, don't work too hard on that school work thing. I'll get some of that done sometime this weekend.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  7. I hope you got a nice nap in, Kelly.

    And the same hope for you, KS.

    Hey kb! We're always glad to see you, no matter how long you stay away. Hope your holidays were good.

    Sound like a nice way to spend T'day, Maria. Our was quite nice tool, though bookended by 120 mile drives in pouring rain.

    Fabulous Friday right back at ya, Lisa.

  8. Finally going INTO the Schnitzer Hall in PDX. Usually I'm outside protesting dirtbag criminals like Rove and Cheney but this time... I'm going to have fun. Going ith spouse and my brother to go see Bonham's tribute to Led Zep. Woooot!

    Cats are still getting along and even roughousing together.

    Today we take Shinobi girl to her stitches out. Then we're walking her over to the Lucky Lab Pub and have an appetizer or two or martini makes three.

    Had a relatively chilled out dinner, was great. Lots of sparkling goodie drinks for the kids and me. Then later watched one of my faves "Zero Effect" with Pullman and Stiller. Filmed in Portland so was fun seeing all the sights.

    Tummy is stuffed, head is a bit stuffed, too. I must've had some dairy - blech. Snotzilla vs Kleenex.

  9. Happy post-turkey coma day! Sounds like everyone had a good one. We've postponed ours until tomorrow - have to be here for the cable guy and Ohio State is playing, so we'll run around today.

    Happy Birthday, Farf!!!! Hope you have a great celebration planned...that doesn't involve turkey birthday cake!

    Ice on the pond - brrr. Cold in PHX today - breaking all kinds of records. I thought it was WARM here!!

    Off and running - TGIF, y'all!

  10. Drive-by thanks Beth, and happy long weekend to all that have one! (If years were cards, I'd now be playing with a full deck, BTW.) Also got a well-deserved nap.

  11. Rock out, Janet!

    I had to go check the temps, Beth. Your low is 20 degrees higher than ours so I'm not too impressed -- though I'm sure all those people in shorts and flipflops are feeling a little chilly. :)

    I like that way of counting up your birthday. Today is my m-i-l's birthday (her deck has 26 more "cards" than yours) so you have very good taste in days to be born. Hope you've had and are having a very happy day.

  12. Andi has trouble counting, Farf. Mom has almost 3/4s of another deck not just half. And I'm sure she'd let you know that my brother and I were the jokers in the deck. Happy birthday.